Let's talk about a healthy lifestyle

For several years now, at the peak of popularity, propaganda of a healthy lifestyle has been maintained. People stop using alcohol and start eating right and actively playing sports. And now every second profile in social networks is replete with new photos from the fitness room. According to statistics, today, fitness is one of the leading sports. And this is not surprising, because regular exercise allows you to improve your health, keep your muscles in shape and just have good physical fitness for many years.

If you are looking for a fitness club that will be suitable for your entire family, take a look at the gymSOFIA SPORT, which is located in Kiev on Borshchagovka. Detailed information can be found here. The club regularly improves and refreshes services, it is a great place not only for rest and relaxation, but also for hard-working sports.

To your attention will be provided a highly qualified coaching staff, which includes professional athletes and holders of international certificates.The gym is equipped with the latest technology of world leaders, as there are 3 halls for group lessons with a flexible grid of schedules that can be customized individually. Here you will find something that you will like, as there are 19 directions, among them aerobics, stretching, several types of martial arts, etc.

Young mothers will be interested in the Aqua-zone with a pool for infants, here you can also find a boor and a Finnish bath. Children are also given a huge selection in the children's room, there are more than 20 programs for children, ranging from acrobatics and dancing to gymnastics and various types of martial arts. In the manicure studio, you can do first-class manicure and pedicure and eyebrow dyeing, and in the fresh-bar you can purchase various types of cocktails and smoothies, as well as energy drinks from a wide range of fresh products and vegetables. There are also sports foods available - fat burners and proteins.

Well and where is it without quality service? Fitness hall__ has a quality service, for the convenience of every client here you can get advice from a sports coach, fitness testing, discount tickets, convenient cells for storing things. They love their work here, so you will find here what you are looking for.

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