Liberta Interior: design projects with a twist

Did you buy an apartment or decided to arrange repairs in the old one? Surely you will face questions about the redevelopment of rooms and creating a new interior. Which direction to give preference: classic or modern? How to harmoniously combine style and emphasize individuality? How to make both beautiful and practical? In search of solutions to these issues, many people are armed with information from the Internet and begin to "sculpt". Often, the result becomes chaotic and randomly located furniture and other furnishings. And to correct the situation will have to fork out again. So is it worth playing a candle? Perhaps it is wiser to immediately turn to specialists?

Studio "Liberta Interior" headed by Inna Klykina is developing individual design projects for apartments, houses and offices. It's not about faceless stamped interiors, but about unique and unique projects, conceptual and with a twist.

When creating interiors, the designers of the studio "Liberta Interior" primarily focuses on the client's budget.On its basis, at the initial stage, real, rather than “transcendental” objects are planned.

Convenient layout is the rule that the Liberta Interior team strictly follows. Often, modern designers offer to make repairs in the apartment in the style of avant-garde or loft. This, of course, is unusual and even very bold, but it is absolutely not intended for the use of people. The TV is behind the sofa, and the kitchen table is located next to the refrigerator door so that it is impossible to open it without disturbing the person sitting next to it. In contrast, the Liberta Interior projects are ergonomic and functional.

Liberta Interior deals with:

  • creating design projects for apartments, private houses;
  • repair of apartments, houses;
  • house building;
  • creating design projects for offices, offices, facades, shops, restaurants;
  • commercial 3D visualization.

In addition to the design and implementation of interior solutions, Studio Liberta Interior provides related services.

General in a row.The Liberta Interior specialist is ready to take full responsibility for all the processes taking place at the construction site. With the help of the general contractor, the client may not understand the essence of the construction work on the object - laying of engineering networks, installation, plumbing,concrete, electrical and other construction work will be supervised by a professional.

Interior furnishing.This service is designed for those who want to save their own time. Liberta Interior will select materials, furniture, equipment and household appliances in accordance with the design project and the overall budget. And also will take on the interaction with suppliers: discussion of all positions, provision of necessary sketches, schemes, sizes. After that, the studio specialists will decorate everything into an album, with indication of the articles, overall dimensions, appearance and places of purchase of each item.

Architectural design.The specialists of Liberta Interior will prepare the project, taking into account all the functional features of the building and the requirements that are written in the regulatory documents. Employees of the studio will find the most accurate solution to the task and combine all the technical documentation into a common architectural project, completing the complete set of papers and drawings required for construction.

Landscape design.Design studio "Liberta Interior" is ready to improve the territory around the house, fill it with beautiful plants, and create a harmonious concept.In the process of creating a project, specialists take into account the peculiarities of the territory, its form and other important nuances. This is the only way to create a unique landscape design.

Architectural supervision.Studio designers are ready to monitor the implementation of repair and construction work in the apartment, house or office of the client so that not a single mistake is made. The slightest inaccuracy can lead to a change in the concept of the interior or disrupt the ergonomics of space.

Engineering systems.The specialists of Liberta Interior successfully implement projects on ventilation, air conditioning, power supply, heating, water supply, sewage and other engineering systems of buildings. The studio guarantees its customers compliance with deadlines, excellent design quality, as well as provides installation and commissioning of the entire engineering complex.

Design Studio Liberta Interior has a license and all the proper documents for organizing and conducting repairs, building houses, as well as for creating design projects for premises and working with real estate.

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