Lingonberry juice - an unusual taste of healing drink

Lingonberry juice - a very healthy and tasty drink. It can be prepared quite easily at home or bought at the store. The cranberry fruit drink perfectly quenches thirst, has a tonic effect and nourishes the body with vitamins and minerals.
Lingonberry juice
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Lingonberry - health in every berry

Lingonberry is a shrub from the lingonberry or heather family. It grows throughout Russia, mainly in coniferous and mixed forests, although it can be found even in the tundra. The berries of this plant are bright red, shaped like a ball. The most useful and valuable berries and cranberries are considered.

Lingonberry contains vitamins A, C, B2, tannins and pectin substances, mineral salts and organic acids (malic, citric, oxalic and formic). Preparations and decoctions of the berries and leaves of the plant are used in the treatment of rheumatism, kidney disease, to enhance the action of antibiotics,increase appetite and strengthen immunity.

cranberry juice is a good anti-inflammatory and diuretic agent. The drink helps to eliminate toxins, has antimicrobial, wound healing and antipyretic properties.

It is very useful to drink lingonberry juice to pregnant women. It fills the body of the future mother with vitamins and helps get rid of edema.

People who suffer from gastritis, cholecystitis and peptic ulcer diseases should refrain from eating lingonberries.

Lingonberry juice: a recipe for making a drink

It will take: - 500 g of cranberries, - 200 g of sugar, - 2 tablespoons of honey, - 1 liter of water.

Carefully wash the berries, then rub them with a spoon and squeeze the juice. Pound the lingonberries with water and put on the fire, boil for 5–10 minutes. Then strain the broth, add the juice, sugar and leave to cool. Add honey before use.

Morse can be prepared from frozen berries. To improve its taste, spices, mint, honey, or citrus fruits are sometimes added.

The most useful is lingonberry juice, which is prepared without heating, by soaking the berries.

It will take (3 cans of jar): - 3 cups of berries, - 1 cup of sugar, - honey (to taste).

Sort and wash the cranberries. Pour the fresh berries in a clean three-liter glass jar, add sugar and honey. Pour the berries to the top with cold boiled water, close the plastic lid and store in a cool dark place (basement or cellar). After 2 weeks, fruit drink is ready to eat: taste and benefit in one glass! Ready drink keep in the refrigerator.

You can, without changing the berries, make another portion of fruit drink. In the jar with lingonberries, add sugar and honey again and cover with water. After 2 weeks you get another batch of healthy drink.

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