Made a bed with your own hands: MASTER CLASS

I decided to prove myself that I can (the author tells me), I remembered the Autocad from the university, drew everything I needed to cut, went to the construction of a supermarket, ordered a polished board and a fiberboard for the linen box. I decided to make the bed with 180 * 200cm under the mattress, so that I could put any book or mobile phone on it.
Project budget (in USD so as not to suffer from the course):
Chipboard 64 $, corners and fixtures $ 28, lamellas (trim, pine) $ 34, leatherette $ 53, foam $ 51, lifting mechanism $ 38 (at 1200N - too much out). Total bed is 267 and the mattress is $ 146.

Brought chipboard and dismantled the old sofa.

I put the back side and try on the side.

I fasten to the corners, and then to confirmats.

I collect the frame.

Top lid check the correctness + kote conducts quality control.

A glass of red, drawing and control.

I check the rectangularity with the upper covers.

I threw up the mattress and realized that the gaps were too big between the mattress and the frame, which I had intended, since foam rubber and leatherette would be added.

I collect the frame under the mattress.

I fasten to the corners and confirmats.

I slaughtered the corners by trimming under 45` - the car rescued me very much and also helped in the construction of the stairs in the country - I would paint a report.



The central strip serves as a support for the mattress frame.

He lifted the whole structure onto chairs, so that it would not be possible to work on all fours and hide the edge of the leather coat from below. I lifted myself in a circle, I substitute books (as unfortunate) as much as to the height of the chair.

Byltse pack.

It is the same.

Put .

Tight frame.

Foam on the frame 20mm at the end of 50mm.

I figured out the frame and realized that it does not come in because of the fact that the end face is 50 mm thick, this is despite the fact that I made a 4 cm stock and the frame is 4 cm smaller than a mattress.

He took off the trim again, cut off the foam rubber, laughed at himself and collected again.

The frame stood perfectly in all senses, put the lifting mechanism.

I figured the mattress - my nose fit in the opening. He hit a fiberboard box for linen - lying under the bed.

I lowered it to the floor with the help of books again.

In the work. The laundry box is huge.

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