Makeup for big blue eyes

Blue-eyed girls in the spectrum of shadows are given a wide choice, so that they can be chosen not to the eye color, but to the side: from gray, purple, pink, brown to metallic shiny shades. Blue eyes for blue-eyed girls are usually not recommended. But if you have expressive big eyes, then use this shade in applying shadows with a color transition. The bright shade of blue shades (turquoise, aquamarine) is suitable for girls with gray-blue eyes. Pink or black shadows are suitable for evening makeup, if these colors suit you.
Features of applying makeup for blue eyes:
- Lines, drawn by eyeliner or pencil, should be elegant, smooth.
- For large eyes, it is preferable to use eyeliner and shade of dark tones.
- Make the color accent on the center of the eyelid, shade it to the corners of the eyes. The abundance of mascara takes away the naturalness and liveliness.
- The contour of the upper eyelashes circle the black liquid eyeliner with a thin line.Light eyeliner tones will visually enlarge the eyes, and this is not acceptable for all face types.
- For large eyes, use a pencil and eyeliner on the lower eyelids. In the corners of the eyes, you can also draw small arrows.
Remember that makeup for big blue eyes should not be excessive! After all, blue eyes are beautiful on their own, and if they are also big! So the cosmetics should emphasize advantage, but not spoil it.

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