Mikhalkovs family and other stars at the closing of the festival "Movement - 2017"

April 29, the solemn closing of the festival "Movement". Five days of fruitful work of participants and members of the jury brought their results in the form of a large number of awards. And the red carpet of the Omsk Academic Drama Theater once again gathered many famous guests.

Perhaps the most unexpected and honored guests was the Mikhalkovs family. Nikita and Tatiana Mikhalkov, Artem with his girlfriend Daria Bazhenova and daughter Natalia. Previously known family arrived in Omsk to open the bust of the legendary Sergei Mikhalkov.

Daria Bazhenova was wearing bright yellow dress pants and a fairly open top. Marusya Zykova also chose classic pants and top, only black. Anna Slyu appeared on the red carpet in a black dress to the floor. Also at the closing of the festival, Victoria Tolstoganova appeared in a long dress with white polka dots, accompanied by her husband, Alexey Agranovich.All the stars were quite open that evening and practically did not refuse to take a selfie with the fans. That evening, Olga Sutulova, Sofia Karpunina, Polina Vitorgan, Anna Mikhalkova with their sons, Yegor Koreshkov, Alexander Pal, and others also appeared on the red carpet. But Svetlana Kamynina, Kristina Babushkina, Nikita Efremova and Denis Shvedova this evening in Omsk it turned out.

Polina Zueva and Aleksey Agranovich held the awards ceremony and the closing ceremony of the festival. Nikita Mikhalkov was the first to be invited to the stage with a welcoming speech. He told the story of his first film festival and gave a briefing to young directors. “I understand that I was called here as a healthy conservative. This is a wonderful festival, because debuts are shown here. I really hope that this film festival is much more than prizes. I did not want to receive an award, I wish that someone else’s award was an incentive for you to move on and not sit in the restaurant of the House of Cinema, drink vodka and complain that your life did not succeed, ”was a small excerpt from Nikita’s long speech.

This year quite a lot of films have been awarded awards and diplomas. But the Grand Prix of the festival was taken by the film “Found a Spit on a Stone” - the psychological drama of the graduate of the Cologne Academy of Media Art Ani Kreis. “I dedicate my success to the actors who helped me make this film, without them it would not have turned out that way, and, of course, to my cameraman,” said the girl from the stage. After all the awards were presented to the winners, the cherished troika: Artem Mikhalkov, Polina Zueva and Stas Tyrkin - declared the anniversary festival closed. A farewell video from the last party appeared on the screen, filmed in the style of the Mannequin Challenge to the piano playing by Alexander Slobodianik.

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