Mobbing, or what to do if you are being bullied?

As we can see, Tatiana has undergone a corporate treachery, called mobbing in social psychology. Mobbing (from the English. Mob - "crowd") - group psychological (and sometimes physical) terror of one of the workers.

There are several types of mobbing:

  • Horizontal - employee etched team of employees.
  • Vertical - a team poisons a person, the highest in rank, usually the boss. Or, on the contrary, the boss survives the employee he dislikes.
  • Sandwich mobbing is the simultaneous harassment of a worker both horizontally and vertically. For example, an employee is attacked by the leadership and the rest of the team. The hardest kind of mobbing.

It is very important in the self-diagnosis of mobbing not to confuse a series of conflicts with harassment. Mobbing can last for years, and conflicts are situational. The goal of mobbing is psychological humiliation and intimidation, the purpose of the conflict is to solve production (and sometimes personal) issues, just some people are able to do it quietly and productively, while others are crying and swearing.

Mobbing, or what to do if you are being bullied?

Mobbing symptoms


  • refuse to communicate with you, do not want to help even on work issues;
  • they interfere with work: for example, they talk loudly when you are talking on the phone, hiding or throwing out the necessary papers, notepads, “accidentally” delete important files from a computer, withhold important information;
  • accused of trifles for which nothing happens to others: for example, you did not answer the call from a colleague for a long time, pick up the phone and hear: “Well, finally! Where do you carry? ”;
  • looking for something to complain about: for example, they are urgently looking for you when you ask for a doctor, and then tell everyone about your violation of labor discipline;
  • questioning your professional qualities, “do not see” your successes, achievements;
  • load you with a large amount of work than all the rest, for non-execution scolded.

If you notice such behavior behind colleagues - do not doubt that you are being “prepared” for harassment.

Manifestations of mobbing

But the manifestations of mobbing are more dramatic:

  • isolation from informal contacts

Do not call to drink tea, do not invite to feasts, do not greet.

  • hiding important information

Employees are hiding something important, so that you later get from the bosses (for example, they do not report a meeting or an urgent request from a manager).

  • damage of reputation

The collective is engaged in such unsightly acts as spreading gossip, tossing "evidence", stealing business papers, personal belongings of the "victim".

  • physical actions

Colleagues allow themselves to shift your things on the table, throw away the folders and notebooks you need, delete important files on your computer.

  • formation of the victim complex

If the mobbing lasts long enough, the employee begins to doubt his abilities to rebuff, doubts his professional qualities and, in accordance with this, works worse.

Mobbing, or what to do if you are being bullied?

How to avoid becoming a victim of mobbing?

  • Before agreeing to a position in a company, read the reviews about it on the Internet. You should not destroy your personality in an organization with a difficult atmosphere and frequent conflicts.
  • Do not be an alien. When you come to a new company, look closely at the relationships within the team, at the peculiarities of communication, try to understand office life more. Do not rush to immediately look for friends, do not confess ahead of time. Treat everyone with neutral goodwill. Be prepared to support communication, but do not seek to dominate.
  • Do not show the team their intellectual superiority, and especially the authorities.
  • Participate in informal communication, talking on neutral topics (traveling, hobbies, hobbies, cinema, pleasant moments of childhood-youth, ask about positive). Do not gossip about others. In general, reduce negative topics to the very minimum, remember the projection.
  • Do not provoke envy. Yes, and do not lend money to colleagues too often - for sure there will be those who envy your financial situation.
  • Do not flirt with colleagues, especially with men, if you do not want to make enemies in the form of acting women surreptitiously.
  • If you suspect mobbing towards you, make sure that it is him. And not a situational work conflict, which will be solved, leaving no trace behind.
  • Recruit sluggish mobbers. In any team, you can always find doubters who are in a neutral position, do not want to clash, or consider the conflict to be idleness. Build relationships with them: the more you find such people, the better. This will help you not to feel isolated and destroy the aura of the “universal boycott”.
  • Do not make professional mistakes.Try to ensure that your work is impeccable. Of course, the aggression of others is not the best incentive, but why not stand out in your own eyes and suddenly become a top-notch expert? Do not be late, do not do things in the workplace, do not be rude, fulfill the work entrusted to you on time, write down in the diary what and how much you need to do. Abstract from aggressors and your negative emotions. As one of my colleagues said: “I go to work to work.”
  • Well, my favorite item, about which I wrote: talk to the instigator. The method is effective, but difficult. Not everyone has the strength to calmly resist evil, especially when long poisoned. It is advisable to prepare for the conversation in advance. Conversation should be convincing and not too destructive. Mobert behaves this way, because you are afraid, so do not be afraid to knock the ground out from under his feet by simple confrontation, sometimes even a simple request for help helps.

Many consider dismissal one of the best ways to end the torment. On the one hand, this is correct: you will have the opportunity to calm down, relax, analyze the events after a time, go on vacation or visit a psychologist to quickly regain moral peace.

Mobbing, or what to do if you are being bullied?

On the other hand, a scandalous dismissal in case your city is small, and the activity is specific and narrowly targeted (all city experts know each other) will give the opportunity for the spread of gossip and revenge outside the organization. Many employees who could not stand vertical mobbing are blacklisted by prospective employers. Therefore, if the options are not suitable for a specialty, move to another city or look for other sources of income do not suit you, it is worth weighing the decision to quit several times.

In addition, the dismissal will not save you from the victim complex, if he managed to form. An undeveloped victim complex will attract aggressors from other areas. And if suddenly the victim of the mobbing is lucky with the work, it’s not a fact that she will not meet with the aggressors in personal terms. And to get rid of the victim’s complex can only psychotherapeutic methods.

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