New Year Folding Card

Few days remain before the new year, and many have not even begun to prepare for it. As a rule, basically all people work and begin to prepare everything almost on December 31. Undoubtedly, employment and constant bustle is a good reason, but you should not forget that every New Year and its meeting is something special, so you also need to be treated in a special way and with all seriousness. It is possible to decorate the house, decorate the Christmas tree and prepare the New Year's table on the very last day, but you need to take care and stock up on gifts now. You can give anything under the Christmas tree to anything, the most important thing is that it should be sincere and with love. Even a small trifle in the form of a key-ring, a coin box, figurines and that will seem like a huge present from Grandfather Frost, and if you give something unusual, then the impressions will remain for the rest of your life. Here, for example, any holiday is always accompanied by donation of a greeting card with words unusualwishes. Exactly what they wish for the New Year's Eve is surely coming true, so you definitely need to give a card with New Year's wishes. Very useful will be this master class, which will help us to make not just a greeting card, but a whole New Year's fairy tale, which we will do with our own hands in a well-known scrapbooking technique. To make a folding postcard we will need: • Procurement for a postcard of red color from a cadastre measuring 15.5 * 15.5 cm in folded form; • Green pastel paper; • Scheme of a folding postcard; • New-year scrap paper of bright colors; red circles; • Color pictures and cards with New Year and heroes; • Stamped inscription "Happy New Year" in green; • Cut out curls white and green, deer, candle; • New Year's Brads; • Red Pompon ribbon; • Lace jute white-red; • Pendant metal, 2016; • White satin ribbon with Christmas patterns; • Herringbone of sequins, • Red bow of rhinestones, • Printed New Year wishes • • Glue pencil; • Scissors knife and scissors; • Pencil simple and ruler; • Adhesive gun; • Puncher curb.
 Folding card for the new year
The card will consist of two parts: the base is ready, only later we will decorate it and the inside. Here we are going to manufacture the interior.
 New Year Folding Card
Folding card for the new year According to the size of the scheme, we cut out the inside of the postcard from pastel paper.
 Folding card for a new go do
 Folding card for the new year
From the New Year's scrapbooking paper, we cut out these kinds of blanks.
Folding card for the new year

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