New Year's toys from papier-mache

The technique of papier-mâché is perfect for making Christmas toys. With minimal material costs, you can get lightweight and fairly durable crafts of absolutely any shape. On the eve of the upcoming New Year, we suggest making Snowboard Monkey and Fire Monkey using the papier-mâché technique using the layering technique - a symbol of the upcoming 2016. Work will require: • Any paper (from toilet paper and newspaper to notebook) and album sheets); • • Kleyster (wallpaper glue or PVA); • • Glue brush; • • Paint brushes; • • Board for modeling or oilcloth; • • Vegetable oil; • Scissors for labor; • Stationery knife; • • Tape; • Varnish. Work flow 1. To perform work on this technology requires a form. Since the Snow Maiden and the Monkey were conceived to be made in the form of painted nesting dolls, a vial from under liquid soap was taken as the basis. From the bottle turned out great "torso"but the head had to be molded from plasticine.  Christmas toys from paperie
 Christmas toys from papymash
2. Cooked paste. The proportions are visible in the photo: a glass of water a tablespoon of sifted flour. Tip: Paste is a perishable product, so it should be stored in the refrigerator between work. 3. The ready-made form was greased with vegetable oil (can be vaseline), so that the paper does not stick to it.

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