New Year's box

Required materials: - Whatman paperboard or cardboard, - Colored paper, - Satin ribbons, - Stationery knife, - Scissors, - Glue , - Pencil, - Ruler, - White gouache (acrylic), - Thin brush, - Lighter, - All sorts of decorations on the Christmas theme, - A sheet of white paper, - Puncher (if any).
 is needed for work
Let's start. First of all, of course, we will make the box frame itself. To do this, you need a Whatman, a pencil and a ruler. It is necessary to draw the paper in the same way as in the photo below. All sizes are indicated. The middle part consists of four 10x10 cm high squares and three wide ones.
 draw a drawing paper
When the main parts are cut, go to the next step - paste over colored paper inside part of the box. It is better to choose dark color paper. We leave the right square (on the photo) not glued, because another part will be glued to it.
 paste over with colored paper
Now we cut out a white sheet of paper snowflake.We only need half of it.
 cut a snowflake
With gouache we draw any pattern on a new year's theme: snowflakes, deer, Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, gifts, etc.
draw any pattern
When the picture is finished, glue a piece of the snowflake.
glue a piece of snowflake
 glue a piece of a snowflake
Next we'll finish the exterior. Take a sheet of colored paper and cut out four squares of 9.5x9.5 cm.
 cut four squares
draw a square of white paper Now draw a square of white paper (approximately 12x12 cm) into four equal parts, on one of them we draw a snowflake. Folding all the pieces together, we cut out four snowflakes - they will decorate the outer part of the box. Using scissors you can round the edges of the snowflakes.But do not rush to stick them, because they will interfere with further work.
 draw a square of white paper
 draw a square of white paper
Next, go to the departments that will be located inside the box. Cut them bend. Tip: to bend and draw paperwork more easily, you can lightly hold a stationery knife along the fold.
 go to the departments
 glue all the pieces together
Before you glue all the parts together, you need to punch the bottom section and the bottom of the box, as in the photo below.
glue all the pieces together
When all of the above is done, you can glue all the pieces together.
 paste snowflakes
Now you can glue the snowflakes on the outside of the box and decorate them.
glue the snowflakes
Still need to punch the lapels of the box.
glue all the pieces together
And connect with tape.
 punch the lapels of the box
Another hole on the lid of the box, thread the tape and - done!
New Useful box
remains only to fill a box of sweets or small gifts and give the person for whom they were intended. Good luck to you!

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