New Year Snake

At one point, mankind became aware that some of the seemingly unsuitable things, you can make amazing creations. Quite often there are original products from plastic bottles, disposable dishes, newspapers or magazines. Take at least boxes of chocolate sweets. Inside they have correxes (special forms for storing chocolates). I came up with the idea to create a Christmas snake out of Correxes. For this craft you will need: PVA glue, Dragon glue, Correxes, Christmas tinsel (you can use pieces of old remnants), colored paper or felt-tip pens, ceiling tile or cardboard . I found two different corrections.
 New Year Snake
 New Year Snake
Feel free to cut them into separate the pieces. After that, take one ceiling tile and start laying out the snake. If it is not available, use cardboard. Snake can be laid out in any form.In my version it is a wide part of the head, a sinuous body and a curled tail. When you see that there are enough cut particles and something like a snake, start to glue the particles to the tile. These materials may well connect the PVA glue. It is necessary to glue gradually and slowly, so that the particles do not move. The adhesive layer must be made thick. It should look something like this:
Christmas Snake
Leave the snake to dry for several hours. In order for it to turn out to be cheerful, use New Year's tinsel.
New Year's Snake
Lay out the tinsel on the contour on both sides of the snake. Color can choose at your discretion. The following colors are more suitable: blue, green, silver or gold. To attach tinsel, use the glue "Dragon". It can be applied drops at a short distance from each other. Next, perform the final touch. For naturalness, glue a colored eye out of colored paper. I used the remnants of color adhesive.The pupil can be made with a small black circle of paper or drawn with a marker. For persuasiveness, cut or finish the tongue in red. The snake is ready!
 Christmas snake
 New Year Snake

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