Newspaper stroller

Suppose you are invited to an event: a wedding or bride of a newborn. An original gift is half your congratulations. Do not go shopping in search of exclusives. A surprise, made by you personally, will always stand out against the background of similar souvenirs. A newborn carriage from improvised material, and even with your own hands, will attract the attention of all guests. Just imagine how many positive emotions you deliver to the newlyweds, hinting with a decorative carriage about the future children. And what memory of congratulations will remain to the baby and happy parents after your visit. For the manufacture of crafts you will need the following items: - paper (old newspapers); - cardboard (for basics);
- stationery glue; - glue (second, moment); - scissors.
 tools and materials
For the tubes fit: newspaper , office paper, sheets from a usual notebook.All sizes are arbitrary. If the pram is small in size, thick sheets will look rough. We divide the A4 sheet into two parts, so that it is easier to twist the tubes. With a common ballpoint pen paste, we twist the edge of the paper obliquely.
we roll the tubes
In the end - the free angle is greased with glue (PVA).  fix with glue
Paste, as useless, remove.
In this way we make all the blanks for the future artwork (about 22-23). ​​  a lot of tubes On a piece of cardboard we draw on an oval paper pattern - it will serve as the basis of the design. Do not throw out the template, it covers the working area from below.
 base of carriage
On the cardboard base we glue the tubes. We turn over after the glue dries.
For further work of the carcass design, two separate details are taken. The process resembles a plaiting of a pigtail.Only the middle link is always motionless.
 waiting for expression
When the height of the sides reaches the desired size, the hood will be left in the stroller. We stop at its edges and turn in the opposite direction. Similarly, we act with the other side. The protruding parts of the cradle itself need to be hidden. We take the edge of each tube and put it between the braids. The row is neatly hidden. Inside is still a mess, but don't let it bother you - behind the scenery, everything will hide and look very decent.
Schedule the top of the visor. For this, two opposite tubes, connect (glue). Doping up to the top, we form a “crown”.
 continue to weave
The ends of the upper work tubes, bend down and glue with the guides along the edge of the visor. the stroller is ready Like a real stroller, our decorative craft will be on wheels. In the course will go all the same tubes.For the wheel, one tube needs to be crushed into a flat plate, which will be wound on the other.  twist the tube It turns out that the tube (the main axis) contains two wheels around the>
make the wheels
This detail just sticks to the bottom of the stroller.

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