Ninon de Lanklo - a courtesan with whom all kings were considered

About the famous French courtesan Ninon de Lankle gossip all over Paris. They say that during the night with a beautiful maiden, the powerful of this world were ready to give any money, not to mention the family jewels. And even her monarchs respected her opinion! We will acquaint you with the fate of the fairest of women.

Rich heir

Ninon was lucky to be born in the family of Parisian nobles in 1616. Her father was fond of the philosophy of Epicurus, preferring to live for his own pleasure and often at odds with the dogmas of high society. The girl was 14 years old when papa decided to present her to the public at the Dom Epicurus Hotel. Charm charmed the male half of the crowd, earning the glory of the most beautiful woman. Then she chose the Epicureanism as her credit for all occasions. The girl was distinguished by delightful forms, grace and noble pallor of the face, blue as deep ocean waters,eyes and dark hair. The parents took care of the excellent education, learned the daughter to sing, play the lute and dance. Coupled with a poetic talent and a gentle voice, the mixture came to the fall. This fact was saddened by the mother of a young charmer - the señora dreamed of giving her daughter a nun, and the young girl all received and received offers of hand and heart.

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Father Ninon died, barely his daughter passed away 15. Soon my mother also rested. The maiden did not have more relatives, but she had a large fortune at her disposal. The heiress managed to manage the capital wisely: although she lived in luxury, she did business economically, but decided to turn the money into a life annuity. Permissive liberty - the acquisition of a small house, later turned into a real salon. On a visit to Madame de Lanklo, art workers and representatives of high society were dropping by. Holt and his mistress quickly gained popularity throughout France.

Muse Richelieu

House Ninon de Lanklo
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Soon, Ninon gained fame as a famous courtesan. It is rumored that the promoters of the voluptuous woman alternated one after another. An interesting fact - the girl preferred to remain faithful to one partner until the time she gave her heart to the next.And still the charming woman was not for sale! From the defeated of the powerful of this world, Ninon took only flowers. And the maiden selected the candidates for visiting the bed independently.

Cardinal Richelieu
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Ninon de Lanklo
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Cardinal Richelieu himself claimed the body of the beauty, having propped her 50,000 ecu for one night of love. There was no limit to the amazement of the initiates to this sensitive situation when such a flattering offer was denied. For those times, 50 thousand ecu were a fortune. For example, in the famous novel by Alexander Dumas “The Three Musketeers”, the main character, d’Artagnan, sold his horse for 3 ecu in Paris.

Ambiguous glory

Moliere reads the comedy "Tartuffe" in the house of Ninon de Lanklo
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In the mansion courtesan going to the whole world of Paris. Boileau read to her satire, and Moliere dedicated comedies. In 1664, the playwright for the first time presented his "Tartuffe" to the public and demanding Ninon. The applause of the friendly hostess was the hottest.

Louis XIV
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Ninon de Lanklo
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Not spared the love of Madame de Lanklo Marshal dʻEstre, Marquis Villarceau and even Prince de Conde. At one time, the charming woman was even presented to the court of Louis XIV.The monarch often listened to the courtesan’s opinion and was often interested in important questions: “What would Ninon say about this?”. Hatred of the second halves of valiant men knew no bounds. Somehow they begged Anna of Austria to send Ninon to the monastery. The crowned person sent a messenger to the loving girl with the order: “A day to pack and out of Paris!” The answer was unheard of audacity. “I choose a monastery and in half an hour I am going to eat!” Said the courtesan. Some time later, Ninon was forcibly imprisoned in the Madlonette nunnery, from where the former Queen of Sweden Christina rescued her.

With all the others, Ninon differed from most ladies with exceptional honesty. Once a lover, who decided to escape from the monarch's anger abroad, dragged a weighty wallet to his mistress, saying that he would return after him. The fugitive hoped to keep the second half of the funds with a certain abbot. As a result, the unfortunate missed the money from the holy father and the disgusted went to Ninon. To his surprise, the former mistress saved the funds and even returned them.

Ninon the writer

In 1659, Ninon wrote the work "Coquette's Revenge."Her works were imbued with the slogan: a decent life without religion. Hotel Sagon on the street Tournell number 36 went down in history as the home of literary salons charmer. The cabin guests bore the name of “Turnel birds”. Among others were seen: Charles Perrault, La Fontaine, Philip II of Orleans, Francois Bouarbert and others. Rumor has it that St. Evremon himself asked the beauty to write his biography.

Bond off!

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Ninon opposed marriage, comparing love with a bright flame, and marriage with smoke. Meanwhile, the charming woman managed to give birth to three children - all from different lovers. With the children, the courtesan behaved like a cuckoo — the education of her two first sons fell on her fathers. The last child - a girl who died soon after birth, de Lanklo was born at 55!

Old woman charmer

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It is known that, even having passed the turn of 70 years, Ninon continued to charm men, preserving in a mysterious way freshness and beauty. The life of the queen of the courtesans was cut short in the 90th year. The woman left quietly in her own bed.

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