Odnushka from scratch or how I did the repair

Prehistory This is my first own home, as well as the first experience of such works (in the majority), but I wanted to do everything exactly as I have long wanted. Naturally, I do not swim in the golden rivers, so in many respects I was limited by the budget. All the work, with the exception of ceilings, glazing of a balcony, replacement of batteries and a riser, was done by myself, in some places the comrade with a screed and putty and good friends with hard work helped. The whole process lasted a little more than six months, mostly due to the lack of funding and time, because did everything exclusively on weekends or after work.

The apartment is an ordinary one-roomed apartment in an old panel house. There were no photos of the original species, but in order to understand, I will say that repairs were made there years ago, 20 years ago - classic, Soviet
I started with a balcony glazing, which has been open since the house was built more than 30 years ago.

The plans were to move the wall in the bathroom, because Planned to install the installation and shower, which do not fit in this version.


Next, the valiant plumbing in the kitchen replaced my age-battery, an old cast-iron tee and part of the sewer riser; cut the rotten pipe "towel" and replaced by polypropylene with taps and lintel. In addition, according to my idea, the inset was transferred to the cold water supply and hot water supply risers from the bathroom to the side of the kitchen.


I did the plumbing wiring myself, so I left part of the bathroom plaster box to drown the pipes, because categorically did not want to do boxes. The washing machine will be in the dressing room, so there is an additional channel and cold water. Along the way, my relatives were ripping off several layers of wallpaper ๐Ÿ™‚



Initially, the interior partition, made of shit, gypsum and sticks, was simply putted, however, since it was semi-circular, it fell and, as it turned out later, it stood diagonally :), decided to dismantle it and put a new one on. As a material for all walls, I chose a corpulent GWP.


There is still a mystery for me, for which part of the floor was wooden, because there was an opening in this place (by the way, maybe someone knows?). This pit was filled with DSP with expanded clay.
By the way, the concrete mixer helped out a lot, given away at the time of pouring.

Then I took up electrics.It was decided not to leave a single aluminum wire, so I even dragged the lead wire from the shield, replacing the lead automat and the meter. Inside the apartment will be installed automata, divided into groups.


A! Brave guys came and famously widened the wall for the air conditioner track.

After a long and painful process began to fill the screed, which took many times more material than planned ( 53 bags of DSP). The maximum difference over the entire length of the apartment was about 6 cm. Most of the balcony was filled with expanded clay to ease the load.



After complete drying of the screed, I began to build partitions. A fascinating occupation, but exactly until the moment when you begin to throw one plate on the last row. Naturally, the plates were attached to the floor, ceiling and walls through a row.


It's time to install. I decided to fix it to the bearing wall, therefore holes appeared in the gypsum box.

Put beacons in the bathroom. Not only is the wall basically uneven, and the box itself is uneven. He began to collect the frame and close one of the walls with drywall.

A little more about the wiring. I am categorically against junction boxes covered with putty and / or wallpaper, but itโ€™s at least not economical to drive a separate cable to each consumer.Therefore, all the switching was done in podrozetniki on copper / tin-coated sleeves, pressed with pliers and put on two layers of heat shrinkage. If there were a lot of connections, I used subpowers of increased depth. With this method of installation, the cable consumption does not increase much, but it provides access to all connections.

Temporarily put the towel rail in order to fix the pipe before laying tile.

Tightened plaster walls in the bathroom and kitchen. Then, puttying in two layers and mounting the shield.


After a vacation on the sea, I took up tile laying. The project was made to me in the same place where I bought it. How did I still do not like the diagonal layout ..






In the process, he retreated from the original plans and replaced the bulky battery in the hall.

The next step was making the wiring for the fixtures and began to collect the plasterboard structure on the ceiling.






It came to the working wall in the kitchen.


Following a small warming and decoration of the balcony.


The construction of plasterboard is puttied, covered with fiberglass and painted. Before tinting, I was afraid to choose such a dark color, but everything turned out exactly as I wanted. After drying, cut holes and assembled fixtures.


Finally came the turn of the laminate! I put it pretty quickly and for the first time began to take off my shoes in front of the entrance. All gaps are met, half a year has passed - the flight is normal.


After he began to glue the wallpaper, Artem made a decorative plaster on the balcony.


A small replenishment in the bathroom: hung a cabinet, towel and toilet.

The final version of the balcony. The photo looks like a daub, but in real life is very, very good.


To fix the plinth after everything else is a pleasure.

Here came the furniture. This is a separate story, but if in brief, it was only collected for 3 days, then I waited a long time until they corrected all the jambs and waited only after meeting with them in court.

I had sex with a shower for a long time. Firstly, the drain hole was located in the opposite side from entering the sewer. Therefore it was necessary to change the support studs in order to raise the cabin and ensure a normal slope for draining. Secondly, after I picked it up, it turned out that now it almost rests against the ceiling, and the cover is put last, and only after it all communications are connected But everything ended quite well.

Actually, in this form, I have already moved and began to occupy an apartment.
By the way, having learned the prices for wardrobe systems, I'm a little ass and decided to do it myself.
Drew a project, gave the guys the furniture specification for the cut, and after a couple of weeks took a bunch of chopped-sized pieces of wood. After assembly, it turned out exactly what I wanted. In the future, all this will be closed by the compartment door.

According to the same scheme, he collected for himself a shoebox in the corridor.

Well, in the final several photos of the interior received.

That's all ๐Ÿ™‚
It seems to have missed nothing, except that I did not find some photos.
Tried to calculate the budget, it turned out about 240 thousand for materials, work and equipment. All furniture cost 130 thousand, appliances still 60.
Thank you all, I finished)

ZY By profession, I'm not a builder at all ๐Ÿ™‚ Aytishnik is a general manager.

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