Old magazines make amazing things you can do.

Old glossy magazines are often a dead weight, and do not always want to throw out or forget. It's good that even they can be given a second life, skillfully transforming them into original home decor!

Pages, glued together or intertwined, turn into interesting furniture and even bags!

Cut rectangles from several pages, roll them up and glue them. From these blanks in the future you can create a lot of non-trivial ideas for home decor.

With the help of old magazines, you can create original wall panels. Just see how interesting they look!

From individual magazine pages you can create a bright color wall. Or "tablecloth" on the table. In general, the options for decorating furniture can be very much.

If there are really a lot of magazines, make a little effort and make an original table. Or a chair.

From the journal pages cut out in the shape of butterflies, birds and animals, you can create a whole air composition - a delicate rope curtain.

With the help of old newspapers, by the way, you can update the look of a vase.

Magazine pages composed by an accordion make wonderful watches and crafts.

And how many ideas of plafonds from old magazines exist! Just look:

Of course, posters and individual pages can be framed and decorated with an entire wall. By the way, if you are tired of the image, you will replace it with a new one without any problems.

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