Open relaxed interior of a country house

This country house in Sweden is an amazing combination of austerity and comfort.

The Scandinavian style represents a completely different path to charm and comfort than the usual rustic style with an abundance of wooden surfaces and warm colors.

It is a free, open and relaxed style of village life, which has quite certain features of Scandinavian style.
As in many other houses in Sweden, white, white everywhere.
A combination of modern paintings and handicrafts in the traditional style can be seen everywhere, in all rooms of the house.
You will never see a carpet in the Swedish house from wall to wall, usually a wooden floor with small rugs.
The kitchen is the heart of this house. And here a pleasant combination of white, cold gray and warm wood color gives a harmonious and calming effect.
A beautiful and simple way to live is cleanliness and order in this house everywhere.
A large common room is simply furnished with furniture, leaving more space and air in the room.
The house in Sweden is an interesting mix of the ideal of cleanliness and respect for old things.
Usually these things are carefully and neatly restored and look very dignified and neat.
The most important element of a house in Sweden is a fireplace, it is around him that the whole family gathers on cool days.
The bedroom is almost empty and the only decoration in it is a large panoramic window.
Bright old locker on the wall - a detail that effectively works in a white interior.
Sunlight pours into this house in Sweden from everywhere, reflected from the white surface of the walls, it transforms this country wooden house, filling it with good mood and tranquility.

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