Orchid sprigs workshop

Flowers are made of plastic suede without the use of special tools. Products made from this material are durable and easy to use.
 Master class of orchid twigs
And to make a twig, we need to prepare materials:
  • - yellow plastic suede.
  • - scissors.
  • - wire.
  • - ballpoint pen core without paste.
  • - acrylic paints.
  • - lighter.
  • - thin artistic paintbrush.
  • - sticky floristic tape.
  • - Moment glue.
  • - foil.
  • - paper adhesive tape.
A sprig of orchids consists of one bud and two flowers. First of all we will draw the form of templates. The flower itself will consist of 5 petals. One central level and two lateral ones with a slope in two directions. The orchid has an interesting middle with a tongue.
 Master class of orchid twigs
Using the prepared templates, we outline and cut out the necessary details from the selected suede.Do not forget that there are two flowers on the branch.
 Master class of orchid twigs
Then, alternately, each petal should be processed three times. First, draw a rod with streaks along the entire length of the petals. Next we take the yellow paint and slightly cover the front side, and the crushed stripes will be clearly visible. And for the third treatment, take a lighter. It is necessary to warm up small parts of the edges of the petals and immediately direct the arms to bend the edge to the face of the petal.  Master class of orchid twigs
Now, go to the middle of the flower. On a template we cut out the necessary detail from the chosen suede. Prepare a thin brush and red acrylic. You can take a picture of the desired orchid. And try to try to repeat a similar drawing with paint. On two sides of our blank draw with a brush.
 Master class of orchid twigs
 Master class of the orchid twig

Then go to the heat treatment of the same billet. Let's start with the central rounded part.Lighter gently warm the edge and make a small bend, repeating it several times.
 Master class of orchid twigs
Then we heat the area in the middle of the blank from the wrong side and with your finger make a well inside out.
 Orchid sprig master class
 Master class sprigs of orchids
It remains only to tilt the side small circles to the center. Use a lighter, heat the parts and tilt them in the right direction.
 Master class of orchid twigs
This part has a small, unworked area. This is the place to which we attach the tongue. It also needs to be tilted slightly to the center of the part. The blank turned out to be a complex form.
 Master class sprigs of orchids
We turn to the details, which will serve as a tongue in the flower. First, paint the rounded side in red,on the one hand.
 Master class sprigs of orchids
We direct the heat from the lighter from the bottom and round off this detail and fold it in a semicircle.
 Master-class sprigs of orchids
Two details of the middle of the flower are ready.
 Master class of orchid twigs
It remains only to glue the bottom edge of the tongue to the prepared place.
 Master class of orchid twigs
Now we will do the stamen. We cut a small strip of suede and take a wire, 8 cm long. We wind the wire itself with adhesive tape.
 Master class of orchid twigs
Glue the yellow strip on the edge in the shape of a barrel .
Master class of orchid twigs
And so, all the details of the orchid are ready. Go to the assembly of the flower. First glue the stamen, pierce the wire under the base of the tongue.We glue the stamen, and the wire itself will serve as the stem of the flower. Master class of orchid twigs We heat the bottom of all petals with a cigarette lighter and tilt the edge down a little, from the front side.
Master -class sprigs of orchids
Next, fasten the two upper side lobes. We arrange them horizontally with respect to our middle, on its wrong side, near the wire.
 Orchid sprig master class
Next glue the upper petal and only then place the two lower side lobes . All the details are glued to the bent bottom edges and placed around the wire. All petals should not be tightly pressed against each other. But if the ugly edge turns out to be on the wrong side, then it is better to close it with a small mug of suede.  Master class of the orchid twig Do not forget that there will be two flowers on the branch. And go to making one bud. Cut off the yellow suede strip 1 cm wide and six cm long. Divide into 3 parts and round two corners on one side. We get three long forms of petals.Then tint the top of these blanks in green. We wrap a small piece of wire with tape and attach a small foil ball from above. Petals should be slightly higher parts of the foil.
 Master class of orchid twigs
Then simply glue all the petals around the foil. The bud is ready.
Master class of orchid twigs

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