Original decor for sea pebble tiles

In order to complement your interior with an original element, it is not necessary to expend large funds. Created by hand, the pebble decor will cost a mere penny and will give you unforgettable moments of enjoying the creative process. To work, you will need small flat sea (or river) pebbles.
Clay of the" Moment Classic "type.
Varnish for stone (or some primer) and small tweezers. Spaces for decors should be considered when marking the tiles. The wall in the intervals remaining after laying the tile, you need to align the tile adhesive or plaster mortar and primed.
 decor for tiles from sea pebbles

First glued pebbles. The stones are shaped so thatso that their adjoining edges fit snugly one to another.
 decor for tiles from sea pebbles
When working with glue" Moment ", you need to remember that a layer of glue is applied to the wall and to the surface of pebbles.
 we put glue
After large pebbles nak eeny, gaps remaining between them are filled with pebbles of small and medium size. Working with small pebbles will greatly facilitate the use of small tweezers.
 decor for tiles from sea pebbles
And now the decor is completely ready ! Now the “final touches” are to cover the surface of the pebbles with stone varnish or (a more economical option) with a primer. This coating will close the pores on the pebbles, make their surface smooth and show color.
 decor for tiles from sea pebbles

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