Eagle owl from plastic bottles

The owl is one of the biggest owl species. With a little effort, you can lodge such a chic bird on your porch. And the excitement of others for the owner of a funny bird is 100% guaranteed. And how to make such a miracle with your hands further in this master class. So, everything is in order.
 Eagle owl from plastic bottles
To manufacture such a owl you will need the following materials: - 5 l round bottle (for the torso). - a lot of plastic bottles of different sizes (0,5-2,5 l). About 15 such brown bottles were spent on this bird. When selecting a container, it is necessary to ensure that the surface is even without embossed inscriptions, spikes - although such material can only be used under the bottom, since the spikes are on top and the inscriptions will be noticeable. - it is necessary to provide material for the paws (in this case they are simple round sticks, but the part that will be painted inside,so that it is not noticeable. - foam plastic from the packaging for the “face” of the bird. - tool for work: scissors, small knife, construction stapler with braces, pliers, awl, wire, adhesive tape. Now you can start collecting torso. It is necessary to cut with a knife, scissors the neck and the hole under the paws.
 start collecting torso
Next, you should insert the legs and you can make a support from plastic box, as a rack for convenient work on the bird.
 support from a plastic box
Cut the" thighs "for the bird from the neck of the bottles, but for best fit them You need to make an incision with a depression of 1 cm, as in the photo, so there will be a tight connection of the thigh without a gap.
 hip connection without a gap
C Using a knife and scissors, we cut the feathers; out of 1 bottle, 5 large feathers are obtained. To do this, you must completely cut off the neck with a knife. Then you need to cut with scissors from the neck in a straight line to the bottom, so get strips - feathers.You need to grab the bottom 0.5 cm (for the volume), you need to help with a knife on the bottom section, because there is thicker plastic.
 cutting feathers
Top of the feather, which near the neck, you need to correct beautifully with scissors and make a V-shaped neckline.
 we cut feathers
First of all, hips are made separately. To do this, large feathers are cut in half, fastened with a stapler in 3 rows, but the brackets need to be bent by means of pliers. A hole is made with the help of an awl to attach the already prepared thighs to the body with a wire. Separately done tail, you need to lay down 5 feather beds, fasten them with wire. Make a cut in the body and insert the finished tail. So ball by ball, starting from the bottom, feathers are attached. To make it convenient to bend the brackets, the neck (brown neck) needs to be pulled out, and when there is all the body in the feathers, insert it again.
collect owl
For the head, you can use the neck with a large round bottle. Cut the neck and cut to insert on the body.
collect owl
Then you need to attach the feathers to the back of the head in 2 rows. You can start to face. Draw the outline of the eyes, cut the nose from the foam, paint it. Then cost to stick the nose, but you need to choose a special glue, because the usual shoe melts the foam. When the nose dries out, small feathers are cut out and glued, you need to start placing symmetrically around the eyes. In this case, glue was used for foam products.
 we collect the owl
Next, you need to collect the head, put it on the body. For the wings you need a building metal mesh, feathers stapler To give the grid the shape of the wings, you need to use pliers.
 we collect owl
And to make wings in 3 balls, but the upper coals of feathers will need to be curved off with scissors.
picking an owl
Attach the wings with a wire to the body needed under the feathers. You can install the finished owl on the site.This hack will give life to the site and inspire new plastic pets.
 Eagle owl from plastic bottles

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