Odnushka from scratch or how I did the repair

Odnushka from scratch or how I did the repair Prehistory This is my first own home, as well as the first experience of such works (in the majority), but I wanted to do everything exactly as I have long wanted. Naturally, I do not.

Garland (decoration) of paper butterflies

Garland (decoration) of paper butterflies A garland of large butterfliesmade of creased paper. Very beautiful garland for decoration for a holiday, such as a birthday or wedding. Materials and tools: Corrugated paper roll; scissors; glue; twine. Step 1 We cut off a strip of.


Watercolors Watercolor is considered a difficult technique in painting. But, knowing a special drawing algorithm, you can achieve excellent results. With the help of watercolor we will draw beautiful flowers. Accessories for drawing flowers in watercolor: - watercolor paints; - a cup with water;.

Knitting pattern cloquet - knit winter hats and scarves

Knitting pattern "Cloquet" - knit winter hats and scarves The knitting pattern “Cloquet” allows you to get beautiful voluminous canvas with folds that are great for scarves and hats. Having mastered this pretty simple way of knitting, you can easily fantasize and knit bulk.

The highest abandoned building in the world

The highest abandoned building in the world! This lonely, abandoned tower towers over the Russian city of Yekaterinburg. Everyone who was in Yekaterinburg could see a tall, lifeless building almost in the center of the city. I would not dare to call it a.

Cartridges for the mixer - an important element of your plumbing

Mixer cartridges are an important element of your plumbing Modern mixers have a thoughtful structure that contributes to their reliability and durability. The cartridge concerns important elements of a design. This element may be of different types, different characteristics, it is important for buyers.

Original decor for sea pebble tiles

Original decor for sea pebble tiles In order to complement your interior with an original element, it is not necessary to expend large funds. Created by hand, the pebble decor will cost a mere penny and will give you unforgettable moments of enjoying the.

Modular picture from CDDVD boxes

Modular picture from CD / DVD boxes A simple and interesting project to create amodular picture from CD / DVD discsto decorate a room. The modular picture is universal and you can easily change the image. Materials and tools: metal ruler; scissors (stationery knife);.

Jewelry box

Jewelry box I think every girl faced the problem of storing their jewelry. Every time when you are going to work or for a walk, you select jewelry for yourself. And then a problem arises: the necessary earrings and rings are almost impossible to.

DIY snowman - how to make

DIY snowman - how to make Soon comes the fabulous and most long-awaited holiday, namely the New Year! All decorate their homes, waiting for magic and make wishes. Every year, everyone buys new toys and home decorations, but you can make them yourself from.

Facial rejuvenation through endoscopic lifting

Facial rejuvenation through endoscopic lifting Age changes - it is an inevitable phenomenon, which sooner or later each person faces. Over the years, fabrics lose strength and elasticity. As a result of these changes, folds and grooves appear in the nasolabial triangle, bags around.

Metal Phone

Metal Phone I want to show my creation, if you can call it that. In the past, this phone, now also a full-fledged phone, only slightly modified and pretty much added to weight ... The idea to make came spontaneously. Iusedcopperwithathicknessof1.2mmtomanufacturethecase,butIdidn’tfindcop... Nbsp; Thesolderingdayiscrookedandready...AfterIdecidedtobringaminijacktoconn... There.

Original Birthday Card

Original birthday card In order to please a person on the holiday of his birth, you can make a wonderful congratulation in the form of a postcard decorated with patterns made in the quilling technique. In the manufacture of such cards can be used.

We knit a simple swimsuit

We knit a simple swimsuit We crochet a charming white swimsuitdecorated with a flower or you can make a version without a flower. The process of knitting is simple and has a detailed description, perfect for novice needlewomen. Materials and tools: yarn (100% cotton).

Venus Hair Band

Venus Hair Band No matter how many things the girl did not have, but she always lacks something, because everything is not enough. And in this there are both pluses and minuses, in principle, like medals, there are two sides. Any accessory or detail.

How to start repairing

How to start repairing Repair is a difficult, time-consuming task, many people compare it with a natural disaster. If you decide to start an apartment renovation, a lot of questions immediately appear. How to start repair? Do it yourself or confide in professionals? How.

Painting with three-dimensional pattern

Painting with three-dimensional pattern You do not know what to give your mother, grandmother or teacher a birthday present. We offer to perform a picture with a volumetric pattern in the form of a flower. The craft is made of inexpensive materials. The technology.

Beautiful jars for the kitchen

Beautiful jars for the kitchen How often are we, the hostess, in the kitchen? Probably most of the daylight hours. And it is not the dawn that the kitchen is the face of the hostess. Of course, I want that this “face” was as.

How to make Oreo keychain with your own hands

How to make Oreo keychain with your own hands Do you like Oreo cookies? If you like, let's make a keychain - Oreo cookies. It has many advantages: such a cookie will always be with you, it will not spoil. Also, it can be.

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