Do-it-yourself installation of an interior door

Do-it-yourself installation of an interior door To replace or install an interior door, you do not need to turn to a specialist for help, since even with basic building skills and skills to use the tool, you can perform this work yourself. Installing the.

Comfortable garden bed

Comfortable garden bed Crafts, Decor, Workshop, Furniture, Garden, Cheap The warm rays of the sun, a favorite book in the hands and a comfortable bed. These are the three main components of a good holiday in your yard. But what if you do not.

How to make a pop for the toilet

How to make a pop for the toilet The duty of every good housewife is to maintain perfect cleanliness, order and hygiene in the toilet. Just because only a clean toilet is safe, and because only a clean toilet will smell good and not.

Candy box

Candy Box Let's create a bright, beautiful box for your child for your favorite candies or cookies: quickly, interestingly, easily and with love. For this master class you need: - a small transparent jar (this is sold in supermarkets with mustard or adzhika);.

Sweet Cake

Sweet Cake What is a birthday present for a child who has everything? Of course, something tasty and unusual. Today I surprised my friend's son with an unusual edible and game cake. So, for making such a gift cake you will need: • Small.

Pipe Fittings

Pipeline Fittings Pipeline fittings are devices that are mounted on systems of the same name and installed on various planes and vessels. These components are provided for high-quality and effective management, for a quick shutdown process, efficient and beneficial distribution, adjustment, discharge, mixing process.

How to convince a person: 10 tips

How to convince a person: 10 tips Homer's rule is associated with strong and weak arguments, and persuasiveness depends directly on their order. Only alternating the arguments correctly, you get the expected result. The most effective algorithm: strong justification - average justification is one.

Christmas dough from salt dough

Christmas salt dough garland When there is quite a bit left before the New Year, I want to bring this joyful moment a little closer. If you do not bring the New Year closer, then at least you can create a festive mood by.

Fighting flies (velcro and all that)

Fighting flies (sticky tape and all that) 1) on a glass of water take 1 g of saccharin and 10 g of honey. Saturate the paper with this compound and dry it. When using, put the paper in a plate and moisten with water.

Pizza with sausage and onion on a thin dough

Pizza with sausage and onion on a thin dough Pizza with sausage and onions on thin doughis a pizza recipe. Ingredients: Dough: 100 gr of flour + 3-4 tablespoons 4 pinch of dry yeast; 65 ml of water; 1 tbsp. olive oil a pinch.

T-shirt update

T-shirt update In this MC, I want to show how to update, make it more wearable and attractive, a thing that no longer meets our requirements. It often happens that the inscriptions on T-shirts that we like and make to shop, after several washings.

Lego Hanger

Lego clothes hanger Materials and tools: board 100 x 900 mm round bars with a diameter of 34 mm; construction or carpentry glue sandpaper; saw; colorful paint; varnish; masking tape. Step 1 Cut the round bar into 50 mm segments. To make a coat.

Fruit Bucket

Fruit Bucket Not so long ago, small decorative buckets appeared on the market. They really liked me. I did not buy, but I thought about how to make them myself. For a long time, she bore the idea and pondered what kind of material.

I am a nurse and I use drawing syringes in my free time

I am a nurse and I use drawing syringes in my free time. Author: "The injection of art." These words appeared in my head when I gave medicines to my patients. "Inject art into your life to give it more color." This idea for.

Scrapbooking card for mom. Mother's Day Vintage Postcard

Scrapbooking card for mom. Mother's Day Vintage Postcard You probably already know such a thing as paper appliqué. So, it is not difficult to master scrapbooking! A postcard for mom, made in this technique, will be a precious gift, which over the years will.

Impressive models of a coat of one piece of fabric

Impressive coat models from one piece of fabric! I always want to be beautiful and stylish - in winter, in summer, in spring, and in autumn. And since it is already the end of summer and autumn is about to enter its domain, it's.

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