Paper Parrot
There are very simple crafts (boat, airplane) that even a preschooler can handle. Others - not every adult will be able to. This parrot of paper with ease makes a child and 7-10 years. Especially since the instruction has been given very detailed. For crafts, it is better to take one-sided glossy colored paper - the parrot will be more effective. Thick paper is not suitable for this purpose, as the head of a parrot is rumpled from it. The sequence of actions Fold the square sheet diagonally and unfold again.
sheet of paper
Turn on the wrong side. Bend the edges of the sheet, starting from the corner, to the fold.
 bend sheet
Turn over to the front side. Bend the lower part of the sheet to the top. The fold should go through the corners of the crafts.
 Paper parrot
 Paper Parrot
Turn over to the other side.The top should be at the bottom.
 Paper parrot
Bend the corners of the craftwork downward, aligning the top edge with the center line.
Parrot from Paper
 Paper parrot
Grasp the corner of the top sheet and pull down.

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