Why dream pendant?

The pendant is a small decoration, which can be just a decorative element, as well as a reminder of important and pleasant events in life. Pendant certainly has its own special meaning. Why dream pendant? We learn what they say about this dream book.

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Dreamed pendant, dream book
Dreamed pendant, dream book

Dream interpretation for lovers

If in a dream you have lost and cannot find any decoration at all, beware of serious confusions in your personal life. Your relationship is at stake!

If you dream, as a lover gives you a pendant, it means that you must resolve all conflicts with your chosen one, otherwise you will inevitably be parted.

In a dream, you can't get too wide a chain in the pendant's eyelet - wait for an unpleasant surprise from your lover. You may be very disappointed with his behavior and will lose peace for a long time.

Esoteric dream book

To dream of a gold pendant - you are lurking temptations. For a girl, such a dream may mean that her future elect will be a wealthy person.

You were presented with a gift of decoration - it means that your chosen one or the chosen one is faithful to you.

To lose decoration - to find a close friend in reality.

Dream Interpretation Felomeny

A silver pendant in a dream is a symbol of your having developed intuition or even extrasensory abilities.

You see a pendant with the image of the Virgin Mary - perhaps in your life there are difficult times now, you need protection, help and moral support.

Pendant in the shape of a heart warns - your love obscures your mind, and you have lost the ability to notice shortcomings in your chosen one. Perhaps his feelings are insincere, and he only uses you for selfish purposes. Such reckless love can turn into a bitter disappointment, and your heart will be broken.

A jewel with a jewel is a signal to action: someone recently asked you for support, and you should certainly help him as much as possible. Perhaps you can solve the problem by listening to the person and giving him valuable advice.

Modern dream book

According to the dream book, the pendant of the artsy form means that you will receive a valuable gift from your chosen one.

To lose a pendant is to the disappointment of a close friend.

Your lover himself puts on and fastens the pendant on your neck - a frank conversation awaits you.

You see a pendant with a beautiful stone - stop doubting your spouse, your suspicions of his infidelity are unfounded.

In a dream, you are presented with silver jewelry - a good sign: your innermost dreams will come true.

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