Perfume composition

Real perfumes are not cheap. What are they made of? To create perfumes are used as natural ingredients, and materials of chemical origin. Naturally, perfumes made using raw materials of plant origin will cost more than from synthetic aromatic substances. So what are perfumes made of?

Perfume - the most resistant flavoring. They consist of:

  • Essential oils - 15-30%;
  • 96% alcohol;
  • Distilled water;
  • Dyes.

It is this composition that allows fragrance to be revealed gradually. When applied, we feel the top notes of the composition. Over time, the smell changes, revealing the "notes of the heart" of perfume. After that, the fragrance changes again, and we feel the final “chords” of the perfume — the plume notes. The composition of the perfume can include up to 300 components, which together create a unique aroma.

Raw material for perfume

To get an interesting composition, perfumers use different raw materials. Currently used more than 6 thousand names. Not only flower petals are used, but also roots, stems, herbs, fruits, buds, mosses.And how many need them? For example, to get 500ml of jasmine essential oil, you need to recycle two tons of petals of this flower. To obtain the same amount of rose oil, you need 2500 kg of rose petals. The most expensive component of the perfume is the iris. Its cost reaches 40,000 euros per 1 kg. But progress does not stand still. Chemists have long learned how to synthesize oils from more affordable components. These substances are called aldehydes. The smell of it does not get worse, but the price is lower.

One of the important roles in the creation of perfumes are oils of animal origin. Their task is not only to add an interesting touch to the composition, but also to achieve harmony between the smells of human skin and perfume. There are four such components:

  • Gray amber is a hardened, fragrant product that forms in the intestines of the sperm whale.
  • Castoreum - secreted by the endocrine glands in beavers.
  • Musk is an odorous secret, which is obtained from the glands of the male musk musk deer (roe deer family).
  • Cibet is a substance secreted by the glands of some animals from the family of civet, civet.

Unfortunately, the animal does not always remain alive, so it is impossible not to appreciate the contribution of chemists who are looking for and find substances that can replace these components.


Some people are interested in the composition of the perfume "Chanel number 5."It should be noted that the creation of this composition would not be possible without chemical synthesis. The basis of the perfume is dominated by aldehydes - chemically synthesized components. The top notes are pink pepper, iris, hyacinth, pineapple and patchouli. The heart of the composition is citrus and jasmine. Well, the final chords are vanilla, white musk, vitiver and patchouli.

And finally, I would like to note that real perfume “keeps” on the skin for 5 hours or more, on clothes for up to 30 hours. In different people, the same fragrance is “revealed” in different ways. And if you like any perfume girlfriend, do not rush to take yourself the same.

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