Picket Garden Table

Garden furniture is always relevant for those who have at least a small garden plot at their disposal. And it is not always advisable to buy ready-made models. Moreover, the simple options can be made by hand. For example, a garden fence table. This will require a small set of tools and materials. Materials: 1. Fence (polished), the number varies depending on the size of the table; 2. Screws or nails (depending on which tool is used); 3. Stain and varnish of any color you like. From the tools you will need: 1. Saw (manual, electric, chainsaw - any at your discretion); 2. Hammer or screwdriver; 3. Pencil and tape measure. Step 1 The garden picket table is made from the legs, on which the whole structure will hold. Depending on the size of the table, they may need two or more. Fasten two shtaketnik between themselves crosswise with nails or screws. This is one leg of the table.The second and subsequent are done in the same way.  Fix two fences
Step 2 The top side (where the fence is fastened) will need to be trimmed. To do this, draw a straight line with a pencil to trim.
 draw a straight line with a pencil
On how level this surface will be, even the table top will turn out. Cut down on the line too much. From the bottom, you need to carry out a similar procedure so that the future table stands firmly on its legs. Step 3 To the upper side, already sawn, you need to nail another picket fence, on which material for the table top will be printed in the future.
stuffed material for the worktop
It is advisable to use nails or screws of small length so that they do not pass through the leg. Improperly selected nails can lead to early wear of the table or the splitting of the wood fiber (cracks will occur, the structure will be devoid of stability).In the end, there should be two (or more) identical constructions.
 identical constructions
Step 4 Now it is necessary to make a tie between the legs so that the table is stable and strong . To do this, put the legs vertically and nail between them another pair of shtaketnikov on both sides (and the top and bottom). Excess sawing. The result should be a stable construction.
 sustainable construction
Step 5 It is necessary to fill a picket fence on the upper side of the finished construction, which will serve as a table top.
serve as table top
Tip:make a small gap between the boards so that the excess moisture does not linger on the surface. If this is not done, the absorbed moisture will destroy the wood, promote the development of fungus, which significantly reduces the life of the table. If the picket fence is selected in different lengths, then it can be carefully cut down by leveling the tabletop. leveling the tabletop For a more aesthetic design, it is possible to fill a fence along the perimeter of the tabletop.
 fill shtaketnik
Step 6 Ready table process the stain and varnish on all sides. This is necessary so that negative weather conditions do not have a significant impact on the wood, maintaining its condition.
 Picket fence garden table

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