Airplane made from clothespins and ice cream sticks

These decorative holders for photos or fridge magnets can be made as a gift on May 9 or February 23.

Materials and tools:

  1. Wooden sticks for wings, if wide, then 1 piece, if narrow then 2 pieces;
  2. Wooden narrow straight sticks for the tail - 2 pieces;
  3. Wooden clothespin for body -1 pc;
  4. Transparent glue (hot glue, "Second", "Crystal Moment", etc.);
  5. Small magnet - 1pc;
  6. Toothpick - 1pcs;
  7. A sharp clerical or penknife
  8. Paints (in cans, acrylic);
  9. Brush.

Step 1

Apply a drop of glue near the clip of the clothespin, just above the spring mechanism.

Attach 1 curly stick or 2 straight ice cream sticks to the clothespin on a drop of glue. Hold the wand on clothespins for 1-2 minutes to glue.

The same must be done from the opposite side.

Step   2

From 2 narrow rods you need to make 3 workpieces.To do this, cut 1 cm long pieces from one stick at both ends, and cut one cups 0.5 cm long from the second stick. All pieces should be with rounded ends.

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