Mouse plexiglass with picture

In this article, you will learn how to doplexiglass mouse pad with backlightingwith your own hands. Such a rug made with your own hands should be for every person who is fond of modding, who simply appreciates beauty, and will also be an excellent gift.

Materials and tools:

  1. plexiglass 4-8 mm thick;
  2. LEDs (color and number according to your desire);
  3. resistors;
  4. two-wire cable of the desired length;
  5. USB plug;
  6. soldering iron;
  7. Heat shrink tubing
  8. Dremel with a set of cutters, sandpaper;
  9. metallic paint, chrome paint or thin foil.

Step 1

Let's start with the base of the rug - take Plexiglas, cut to the desired size and shape. Next, we will make recesses from the back side for installing LEDs, resistors and wiring, for this we use the Dremel with cutters. The configuration of the grooves depends on the number of LEDs and how they are mounted.

Tip:First, it’s better to draw on the paper the layout of the LEDs, resistors and wiring - check everything, and then use the marker to transfer the circuit to the Plexiglas and then start drilling the grooves.

Step 2

Install LEDs and resistors. LEDs are best to buy a rectangular shape, more convenient to install. The resistors used depend on the number of LEDs and the way they are connected.

Step 3

The backlight will power from the USB port. Take the USB plug, cut off the outer rubber sheath, disassemble, remove the wires and solder the wires to the extreme contacts; we collect the connector and put on the heat shrink tube to fix the design. The second option: we buy in the store a USB extension cable of the required length and simply cut off the end of the wire where the "USB plug mother" is located.

Step 4

Let's get started with the build. Let's try on all the components to the grooves and solder them, forgetting about the polarity.We produce soldering outside in the grooves, taking into account the size. To fix the structure we use epoxy glue - after solidification, it resembles plexiglass, passes light well and the whole structure is inside the plexiglass. First, we pour a little glue into the grooves so that there is no void under the wires, then we put the construction in place, and we fill it from above level with the surface. If you overdo it with glue, do not remove it while it is in a liquid state, wait until the glue dries and can be removed using fine emery paper.

Step 5

With the help of fine sandpaper, we process and round off the edges of the plexiglass.

Step 6

In this project, it is provided that only the edges of the rug are shining, and not the entire surface. Despite the fact that there will be a pattern on top, the LEDs in the location will see through the pattern. Therefore, it is necessary to close the LEDs, we offer 2 solutions:

  • glue the self-adhesive foil over the LEDs
  • Paint the surface of the mat over the LEDs with paint, such as metallic, chrome, gold - a better option.

To paint the entire surface of the rug does not make sense, we paint only the space above the LEDs, we will close the rest with the help of masking tape. We paint, wait until it dries, check whether the LEDs shine through, if yes we put another layer of paint.

Step 7

Choose the picture of interest (picture), print it on the printer on thick paper, try on and adjust to the size of the basis of the rug; further drawing must be laminated, contact any printing center, you can immediately print and laminate immediately. Just paste the picture on the basis of the rug with glue or double-sided tape.Plexiglas mouse with pictureis ready, connect it to the USB port and enjoy the work done.

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