Postcard on March 8

1. Required materials: a sheet of yellow cardboard (A4), a regular album sheet (A4), a small piece of waste cardboard, a simple pencil, brush, watercolors, glue stick and glitter glue.
 Required materials
2. Cut the cardboard pattern - a flower with five leaves, diameter - about 4, 5 cm. Cut.  Cutting out
3. Using a template on a landscape sheet, we make blanks for 12 forget-me-nots.  Cut 4. We paint all the flowers in blue, one - in purple. The middle one is left white.
draw a template
5. We paint over the center with yellow color, add a black dot to the center.
6. Cut out.
cut template
7. We put the yellow cardboard in half, put the forgettings in the shape of the eight on the "cover" and glue them.
 glue flowers
8.The final touch - we put glitter on the petals and the middle.
 apply glitter
9. The postcard is ready!
 March 8th postcard

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