Pregnancy and illness

Pregnant second child, really looking forward to the baby. I’m very scrupulous about my health, I want to do flu prevention, to eliminate the possibility of a disease.


It is better to just eat vitamins, do not walk in very crowded places where you can see that there are sick people. You need to protect yourself as best you can. Do not drink only any pills, it can harm the baby. And so, drink seagulls, eat fruits and vegetables!

This is the most correct action, eating vitamins, not walking through drafts and dressing normally. Then everything will be fine and without problems, the main thing is not to make any dangerous movements. Also, it’s not worth creating any specific problems for yourself, don’t even think about it and be calm)

I will eat fruits to the maximum, consult with a doctor and also go to classes in the pool for pregnant women

you know, so simply such decisions are not made, you need to contact your doctor, who will conduct the tests and will select preventive measures for you. Vitamin complexes, in principle, can be, but still it is more correct to consult

I was also very afraid to get sick with anything during pregnancy, I don’t remember what I was doing - but it seemed to have gone by then. We really need to consult more with the doctor, he knows better and will tell you what to do in such a situation.

Is there such a prevention? As far as I know, there are no such moments so far, so it’s not worthwhile to invent something like that. And then of course, see for yourself what will happen and how. Do not doctors say anything to you ??

It is better not to watch how everything happens, but to treat it in a timely manner. The faster you make a decision on treatment, the cheaper it will cost you. And also try not to be close to those who are sick. You can pick up anything, and sometimes it is not so easy to pick up a medicine.

You know what is the best advice for you now — avoid crowds of large numbers of people, especially if you notice signs of a cold! I’m generally afraid of this, especially if you have a cold and sneeze near the child! Let's save ourselves with cytovir-baby powder, great antiviral, we even went to the garden and get sick very rarely, compared to other children!

In pregnancy, it is generally only necessary for a doctor, since medication can be applied there at least a minimum and then again, as prescribed by a doctor.Therefore, it is not necessary to engage in self-treatment, so as not to harm your baby. Better take care of yourself.

I remember getting sick in the 8th month, I was very scared, but I quickly started taking harmless medicines and my weight passed. Then, when she gave birth to the sick, she continued to feed her son so that he would not get it, because there is everything necessary in the mother's milk.

It is possible and so. but I don’t understand people who, for example, took vitamins all the time, and then watched commercials on TV and ran to the pharmacy to buy such medicine. Stupid to be honest. I never change this in life until I make sure that it does not help already.

it's not stupid, but just not right. The TV is brainwashed and you don't understand what you are doing. It is impossible to take any medications without consulting a doctor, especially during pregnancy, since most drugs pass through the barrier and get into the blood of a child.

TV, internet, girlfriends - it's all beautiful. But not everyone knows how to filter information and understand exactly what is right. And giving everything to your child is so irresponsible that there are no words. You must always have everything you need in your first-aid kit.

Girls, well, I read here about harmless drugs, well, are there such things? It seems to me that any medicine treats as well as cripples! If you treat a throat, it is a simultaneous load on the liver, stomach, because the throat is best treated with antibiotics!

then you contradict yourself! Antibiotics are even worse than some syrups and throat sprays. That and the sprays did not reach the liver in any way, the substances are still split on the way to the liver. Therefore, it does not affect the liver.

I've noticed such a thing a long time ago, if you don’t get hung up on something, then there will be no problems! But if you are sitting and thinking about how to not get sick, how to not get sick, then of course you will have quite serious problems already, you will get sick for sure!

The common cold is also different and is treated differently. Someone quickly, and someone more difficult. It all depends on the body. But if you are so afraid of infecting your household, then buy Tsitovir - baby powder. It can be taken both for prevention and for treatment. Yes, and it is different tastes, you can choose exactly the system that you like. And it’s easy for kids too.

The cold is not different, it is the same.It all depends on the stage at which you are already. If only the temperature - it means normal, if the cold - is not very. But all this is treated quickly, there are enough folk remedies.

Important was the advice of people who also understand this. Thank you so much. I hope for the most positive result.

I hope you understand that you can advise anything. but it is necessary to act only according to the situation so that there are no complications.

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