Pros and cons of tattoos on the neck

The very tattoos, as well as the parts of the body, which they decorate, already no one is surprised. Visible and securely hidden in the most intimate places, they are for their owners not just an image, but a real magic symbol and amulet.

Today we will talk about the pictures on the neck. Is it worth deciding on such a bold step or is it better to abandon a rash decision? Let's figure it out.

Pros and cons

Having presented before a dilemma - to do or not, it is necessary to understand the existing advantages and disadvantages of such a variant of the tattoo. So, let's talk first about the pros:

  1. If tattooing is your way of expression, and thus you want to tell the world about yourself or emphasize your individuality, then, of course, you can safely ask the master to decorate the neck with an image. It will always be in sight.
  2. The girls are popular drawings on the back of the head. This option is great for those who like to wear loose hair, so that the tattoo can be hidden from outside views of the curls of curls at the right time.

And what about the minuses? They also have:

  1. One of the advantages can turn into a significant minus if the image is on the side and is constantly visible. Such an "decoration" of the body is unlikely to appeal to the employer of the company in which you are applying for a serious position. That is why you do not need to hurry, making a decision.
  2. Wrinkles are another flaw. The neck, like the hands, is primarily exposed to the aging process, which means that the pattern chosen by you will eventually lose its former shape and even its color. And it concerns equally both girls and boys.

Which one to choose?

There are a lot of variants of images, and in the self-respecting tattoo salon the master will provide you with a catalog that will help you to make a choice.

Girls wizard recommend to stay on small and beautiful images of birds, butterflies, insects or flowers. It can also be an important word, a short creed or a significant date, as shown in the photo.

Male variations are usually more voluminous in size, and are located mainly on the side or even in front. It can be intricate patterns, portraits and whole pictures. Inscriptions, images of animals, crosses, and fire are also popular.But small, less noticeable tattoos, which mostly have an intimate meaning - important dates, names, events, are not excluded.

As for color, it all depends on the customer. But the prevailing monochrome is explained by the fact that the procedure on this part of the body is rather complicated and painful. Thin skin does not always allow you to portray the desired picture, and often the paint begins to flow.

Gone are the days when tattoos were a sign of the difference between certain segments of the population. Today, they can do everything, regardless of gender and even age. But, as in any hobby, the measure is important here.

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