Quality project of the manor for the whole family in the studio "Genproject" according to the customer's sketches

Main components of the estate project

Unlike the creation of a private house or cottage, the creation of the estate is made on a fairly large plot. The main difference is the scope, a large number of additional facilities and landscape design. In developing the estate project, the specialists of the company “Genproekt” focus the customer’s attention on the features:

  • The size of the main house, the number of rooms and their area. The most common variant is the organization of a large living room, dining room, office, a fireplace room, a wine cellar, a billiard room, bathrooms in number of bedrooms and one for guests
  • Construction of other buildings that can adjoin the main building through transitions and galleries - a garage for at least two cars, a house for servants and security, hozbloki, indoor pool and sauna;
  • Appearance design - columns, fretwork, decorative elements on the walls, around windows, friezes, plinths;
  • Landscape design - the organization of an outdoor pool, fountains, gardens, gazebos, paths, areas for recreation and sports, the creation of driveways and convenient access to utility rooms.

Studio "General Project" (+7 (495) 357-22-73) produces the development of documentation for the customer's sketches. By making only minor corrections, engineers retain the basic concept, which allows the customer to feel like the creator of his home.

Calculating the design of the house in the style of the estate and obtaining permission

The company "General Project" provides its customers the opportunity to purchase individual projects of palaces and estates http://genpro.ru/uslugi/proektirovanie-usadby. No matter how this wording sounds, there are documents of “typical palaces” and manors, calculated and ready for construction, for construction on any soils.

Like any structure for residential purposes, the project documentation of the estate must be coordinated with the supervisory authorities. As a rule, to the external design and placement on the site never raises questions. The main direction of verification is compliance with health, environmental and fire regulations.Extensive experience and a lot of completed projects by Genproekt confirm that the customer always receives permission to build a house.

Savings in the design of the estate

Despite the fact that this type of buildings is typical for wealthy people, the issue of economy, environmental safety and energy efficiency remains very important. Designers of the company “Genproekt” in the development of working and construction documentation, estimates and recommendations try to use low-cost and natural components in the decoration and creation of load-bearing structures. In most cases, the materials of the middle price range better keep the heat in the premises, than the very expensive and delirious. As a graphic example, there may be projects of wooden estates with minimal use of metal and synthetic components.

Profile specialist studio will calculate the economic efficiency of the use of solar panels and collectors, the organization of independent water supply from an artesian well. These and many other ways will help the customer to create comfortable housing with a high degree of economy, both in construction and utility costs.

Supervising the construction and observance of settlements of palaces and estates projects

Elite estate, the draft of which has already been prepared, moves to the construction phase. And with this "Genproject" can help - the search for a reliable contractor and suppliers of building materials, skilled builders and installers.

It is no secret that with the phrase "building the estate" careless foremen and builders start to invent some work in order to receive additional money from a busy customer and delay the delivery of the object for contrived reasons. Full supervision by the General Design Studio will ensure the correct execution of working orders and recommendations, help you finish construction on time without increasing the estimated cost and consumption of materials.

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