Rag doll Snow Maiden

Before the New Year, counters of shops selling Christmas toys, Christmas souvenirs and tinsel, decorated with soulless beauties Snow Maiden in the same brocade dresses and looking like Santa Claus cheerful Santa Clauses of Chinese manufacture. Maybe it's time to remember the skill of our grandmothers, who made dolls with their own hands? For example, we propose to make a Snow Maiden according to the technology of making a rag doll-motanki. What will be required: - sintepon; - blue-blue cloth, - threads. Manufacture:  Rag doll of the Snow Maiden
1 Take the sintepon and cut out a circle with a diameter of 25 cm (the size can be changed depending on the desired size of the finished doll).
Rag doll of the Snow Maiden
2 We lay out on the table the fabric of two or three colors, combined with each other. For the Snow Maiden it is better, of course, to choose a blue-and-blue scale.We cut out circles from the fabric, and the diameter of each subsequent circle will be less than the previous one by about 3 cm. The blanks for the multilayer dress are ready.  Rag doll Snow Maiden 3 We roll a ball from a synthetic winterizer, we put we circle it to the center from a sintepon and wrap it around from all sides, so that we eventually get the head of the future doll tied up with a rope under a ball.
Rag doll Snegur PFA
4 over the layer of padding polyester in turn impose layers of colored fabric, starting with a larger diameter circle. Each layer is also fastened with a thread in the region of the "neck" of the Snow Maiden. The last should be a rectangle of white fabric - it will become the face of the doll, and we will form sleeves from it.
 Rag doll Snow Maiden
5 We tie a warrior out of ribbon or sewing on his head.
Rag doll Snow Maiden
6 Sew on beads of eyes and mouth. We embroider eyebrows and eyelashes. Rag doll Snow Maiden 7 Bind on the headkerchief from a triangle fabric.
Rag doll Snow Maiden
Rag doll Snow Maiden is ready! Having shown a little patience, you can weave braids of woolen threads on your head and decorate them with a bow tie.
 Rag doll Snow Maiden
Rag doll Snow Maiden

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