Recipe for Carrots

Any person can cope with hot river carp. Even the one who has no idea what fishing is, how to fish properly. But we suggest repeating a special recipe for carp. Only have to comply with all the recommendations and conditions, so that the dish was one hundred percent successful. Anyone who tries these fried dumplings will be surprised. After all, there is not a single small stone in the fish. And all because she prepared and roasted by special rules.
Recipe for crucians
We recommend this recipe for crucians to mummies, who once again come up with something that would be useful to feed their offspring. River fish - an indispensable product for the organism of growing up children. Do not worry that at the time of eating a carp bone will be stuck in the neck. In addition to large rib and spinal, the child will not find a single bone. Believe me, not one cook will manage to cook river fish better. And all because he does not own the unique secrets of this recipe for crucians.Let's start cooking to serve this amazing and delicious dish for dinner! Marinating time - 30 minutes, frying - 20 minutes.


Necessary products at 6 servings:
  • fresh crucian carp - 6 pcs.
  • corn and wheat flour - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • semi-sweet white wine - 1 cup;
  • salt, ground pepper - to the taste.
Recipe for crucians

Cooking crucians

1. Crucians first clean off the scales, vypotroshim and wash. Especially scrupulously wash the fish inside. Put the crucian carp in a bulk bowl. Fill it with the norm of wine, mix it and seal it with a film, leave it for half an hour. Every 5 minutes, the fish in the bowl will be shaken so that it is evenly soaked with a wine bouquet.

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