Richard Gere will be the father of 69 years

The wife of an actor is almost 34 years younger.

Hollywood handsome and the dream of all women in zero in regard to the family, never in a hurry. In the distant 90s, the actor was married to one of the most beautiful women in the world - Cindy Crawford. But the couple had no children. For the first time, Gere became a father on the threshold of his fiftieth birthday. Actress Carey Lowell gave birth to Son of Homer. Their marriage lasted 14 years, after the spouses broke up and went to build personal happiness separately. What they had done was not immediately, however, the divorce process lasted for four years. Carey still did not want to temper his financial appetites, and Richard was also in no hurry to part with the money.

Richard Gere will be the father
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The actor met Spanish journalist and businesswoman Alejandra Silva at the end of 2015. The novel happened, but due to the fact that legally Richard was still married, Alejandra went to her mistress for several years. And as soon as Gere received a stamp about divorce, they got married. The wedding was played in April of this year - romance, the bride changed her dress three times, everything is very beautiful and touching.

�I am the happiest man in the whole universe! I can not even imagine how this could happen.Alejandra is beautiful, intelligent, sensual, funny ... And also Spanish! This is the land of kings and queens, Cervantes and Bunuel ... It is unsurpassed! �- Richard Gere spoke about his chosen one, choking with delight.

Richard Gere will be the father
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And now it turned out that Alejandra is pregnant. For her, as for Gear, this will be the second child. Her first son, Albert, will be six years old this year. Neither Richard nor Alejandra comment on pregnancy. Judging by the sources, the baby will be born when Giru already knocks 69: he will celebrate his birthday on August 31.

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