Romantic wedding bouquet

Romantic wedding bouquetdo-it-yourself - a unique and touching bouquet. The color for this fascinating bouquet is made by hand from satin ribbons of turquoise and cream shades. And in addition to it were bright brooches and a lovely white “skirt”.

Materials and tools:

  1. consumer goods with a decorative mesh skirt;
  2. PVA glue;
  3. satin ribbons;
  4. hairpins with butterflies;
  5. various brooches;
  6. wire;
  7. glue gun;
  8. tap-tape;
  9. scissors, nippers.

Step 1

We make decorative inserts in a bouquet. We insert the wire into the pin of each brooch and firmly fix it, twisting it. We twist the wire with tape, pulling it with your fingers.

Step 2

We start making flowers from ribbons. We take a polka dot satin ribbon and form the core of the bud, bending the edges.

Step 3

Next, wind the ribbon around the core, bending the edge, form a rose bud.

Step 4

Now we fasten the tape on each lap of the winding using a hot melt glue gun. After the flower is ready, cut off the extra length of the leg.

Step 5

We drop a drop of hot glue on the bud's bud and insert the wire inside, wait until the glue hardens.

Step 6

Hide the wire with a white tap tape. We wrap a leg with it like brooches.

Step 7

The neck of the portuquette is decorated with a narrow white satin ribbon. Fasten it with hot glue.

Step 8

Getting to the formation of a bouquet Insert the first flower and at this stage we decide what diameter the bouquet will be. The excess length of the legs cut with pliers. Put some PVA glue on the tip of the wire and insert it into the sponge.

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