Rose Brooch

Spring will come very soon and we already want so much warmth and bright colors. Creativity, namely, the creation of bright pink polymer clay jewelry - brooches in the shape of a rose, will help you to throw off your winter gloom. Juicy shades and a combination of green and pink will cheer up, and the brooch itself will perfectly complement any, even the most strict outfit. In order to get a rose brooch, we need to stock up on the following: - polymer clay of three colors: pink , white and green, moreover, we need white quite a bit to slightly dilute the original pink color in the buds; - thick corrugated paper to give the petals a texture; - basis for the brooch; - glue for fixing roses to the base; - varnish to cover the finished product. t have on hand writing knife, pusher or a wooden toothpick piece of foam to during semi-finished product is not deformed.
Rose brooch
We knead the pink polymer clay andtearing away from her several approximately equal pieces are the future rose petals.
Take equal pieces of pink and white plastic and mix - we get a pink color of a lighter shade.
We knead pink polymer clay
Create blanks of petals from light pink plastic.
 Take equal pieces Take one bright piece and form the basis of the bud, giving it the shape of a droplet.
 We form blanks of petals
Using a knife and pusher, cut the top of the base and make it look like the middle of a rose.
Take one bright piece
Take a piece of corrugated paper and press it to the base of the rose to give the material a characteristic texture.
 cut the top
 We take a piece of corrugated paper
Take a light pink piece, mash it in a lozenge-petal and, wrapping it in corrugated paper, compress it.
 knead into a cake
 wrapped in corrugated paper
Texturizing all the petals, sticking them to the base of the bud successively, waving one another.
The Rose is ready. Texture all petals

Now we will make the buds. We repeat everything the same way that we did at the beginning when creating the roses.
 we will make buds
Roll out a small layer of green clay, sharpen the edge and wrap im bud We put corrugated paper. So we create two buds on the legs.
 we will make buds
 Roll out a small layer
 we wrap a bud with them
Let's start creating a worksheet.To do this, take a piece of green plastic more and give it a shape of a leaf of the rose, we texturize the corrugated paper and with the help of a gun, we apply a pattern of streaks, we make denticles along the edges.
we wrapped them with a bud

We proceed to creating a sheet
Take a piece of green clay and form a circle according to the size of the basis for the brooch. Let's start creating the sheet
To this basis consistently fasten the sheet and two small buds. In roses, we cut the excess down with a knife so that it keeps well on the base.
 Take a piece of green
fix the sheet
 two small buds
Lastly, fasten the rose to the plastics base, gently pressing it with a pusher or a stick through the middle of the bud.
well kept on the basis of
Now we send all this composition tooven for about half an hour (temperature 110-120 degrees). After cooling down, glue the composition onto the brooch base, varnish it.
Rose Brooch from Polymer Clay
Spring brooch is ready to delight you and those around you!
 Rose Brooch from Polymer Clay
 Rose Polymer Clay Brooch

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