Scarf hat with colored stripes

Knit withScarf hat with colored stripes.

Materials and tools:

  1. 200 g white, 50 g pink, orange, blue-green and purple-violet yarn (70% acrylic, 30% wool, 50g / 55m);
  2. needles number 9;
  3. stocking needles number 9.

Pattern Description

Shawl: persons. R. and out. R. - persons. P.; in circular rows we knit alternately in 1 circular row of faces. and izn.

Facial smoothness: persons. R. - persons. n., izn. R. - izn. n., in circular rows - all loops are facial.

Embroidery: we perform the motives according to the scheme.

Density of knitting: 9.5p and 18p = 10x10 cm

Knitting description

For the first half of the scarf with a white thread, type 22 loops and knit a garter stitch. After 65 cm all the loops are postponed. Knit the other half of the scarf in the same way.

For the front of the cap, use 21 stitches with an auxiliary thread and remove them with an auxiliary needle. We knit 15 loops of faces with a white thread. for the first half of the scarf, place the last 7 loops of this part before the first 7 loops of the second half of the scarf and knit 1 person.with each knitting needle together, then perform the remaining 15 loops of the second half of the scarf = 37 loops. This row = wrong side.

We continue to knit in circular rows on the knitting needles, making sure that the change of the circular row is centered behind, we remove the first 18 loops of the scarf part onto the auxiliary spoke. Then knit the following 18 people with knitting needles. n., the last loop of the details of the scarf, along with the first loop of the new loops that were gathered together, the next 19 faces. n., the last of the new loops from the 1st loop of the scarf, together with the faces. We knit the remaining 17 loops with the front loops.

Then we knit 1 circular row of int., continue with garter stitch, doing 2 circular rows of pink and white thread. We carry out 2 circular rows with an orange thread, in the 1st row * 1 persons. p., remove 1 loop as persons., thread at work, we repeat from *; 2nd row knit, alternating 1 out. n. and removing 1 loop as individuals. Then we perform 2 rows of white thread in the same way, but removing 1 loop as faces, 1 faces. or 1 int.

Next, we knit a garter stitch in 2 rows of white, blue-green, purple-violet, white, orange, blue-green, pink and white thread = 10 cm in height. Then knit on all p. Persons. white thread: we perform 2 times 2 persons.together in the center behind = 54 loops, in the next row we perform the reduction as follows: we mark each 9th loop 6 times and we sew this person. together with the previous one. We repeat these reductions in each 2nd row 2 times, then in each row 5 times.

We knit 2 more rows on the remaining 6 loops; we fasten the loops with a working thread. We perform a duplicate embroidery of colored loops, repeating 4 rapports loops throughout the work.

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