We sew a heart pillow

Sewing a heart pillow- we sew an original pillow decorated with a heart with our own hands. This is an original gift for a loved one.

Materials and tools:

  1. burlap;
  2. red ribbon;
  3. filler;
  4. scissors;
  5. sewing machine.

Step 1

We cut out 2 blanks (square or rectangular) pillows from the burlap. It is also possible to make the inside of a pillow out of cotton fabric, a little smaller, for the filler. We sew on the machine blank, leaving a hole for filling.

Step 2

Cut a heart out of paper, pin it to the pillowcase and sew it with large stitches along the contour with a red ribbon.

Then we fill the pillow (or the inside of the pillow) with filler and sew up the hole.Heart Pillowis ready.

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