“She tried”: the daughter of Pugacheva and Galkina hilariously speaks French

Five-year-old Lisa Galkina has been working with a native speaker.

The heirs of the celebrity couple recently celebrated their first anniversary, a noisy holiday on the occasion of which Philip Kirkorov helped them organize them, and now for their studies. But, since the twins are still quite small, they nibble at the castle in their own castle: the tutors come to them. A proud dad shared a lesson with one of them the day before. Maxim Galkin took off how Liza comprehends the basics of French, and, judging by the pronunciation, the real Frenchman teaches his girlfriend.

This lesson touched all the fans of the famous family, even those who do not speak the language of Victor Hugo at all. See for yourself.

Publication from (@maxgalkinru)25 Sep 2018 at 12:51 pm PDT

Did not understand a word? The author of this note - too. But Lisa is so charming in her father’s video that she immediately wanted to know what she was talking about with the teacher. Here it is, the power of beauty! I asked the interpreter mother to tell what they were going through.

- A small lesson in French vocabulary. Are you ready?

- Ready.

- What is written here? This is the hardest word.

- Wizard.

- Correctly. And this?

- Ghost.

- Well. And this?

- Ant.

- Do you eat ants?

- No no.

- Do not like?

- No no. Tomato.

- Do you like tomato?

- Yes, I have already tried. And this is a book and a chicken.

All words of the young student responds with very good pronunciation and no errors. Only "tried" asked to prompt the tutor. It was then that the attentive followers of the humorist, who are also learning French (or already know), noticed that the teacher had given her the answer to the translation of the word “eat,” and not at all “tried.” Fans wondered why he did that. On this occasion, a heated discussion developed in the comments - and it was a pleasure to read it, and not something else. With this video, Lisa and papa achieved the main thing: they slightly cultivated us with you. Their video with a French lesson scored 2 million views on Instagram — well worth it!

As for the translation, they agreed: the teacher wanted the girl to remember the more important word for her, “eat”, which she would use more often than she “tried.”

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