Shirt with tracery back

In the local market for the last time I managed to buy beautiful multicolored and white knitted napkins. And one thought occurred to me: to buy T-shirts and sew a napkin in the form of an appliqué on the back. I walked through several youth brand stores and found white, the color of tender greens, orange, yellow over light brown shirts.
Using the example of a white T-shirt, I will show you how to make an ordinary T-shirt absolutely unique. You can also decorate a T-shirt.
The napkin needs to be chosen in such a size that it is neither too small nor too big. Place it in the center of the back and draw a circle in chalk, retreating from the edge of the napkin to the inside of 1 cm. This is necessary for a seam allowance.

Cut a circle on the back of the jersey.

Then turn the edge in about 0.7-1 cm and inject a napkin in a circle.

Baste her.

After that, sew a napkin on a sewing machine with a zigzag stitch with the largest stitch width. Inspect the underside of the shirt, so that the entire edge was zigzag stitched to protect the shirt from blooming.

Here is the result:

After that, I had another idea: it would be great if the whole back of the shirt was crocheted. After I sewed crocheted tablecloth skirts, I still have a few pieces left. Of course, I never throw anything away)) So I had pieces of a red and blue tablecloth and an even larger pink rectangular napkin. Armholes and neck I turned over a cotton bake.

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