Shoes for 6000 dollars - with his own hands

Probably, this girl deserves the award "The Best Sister on the Planet".

One of the two sisters wanted to buy shoes for $ 6,000 to go to their prom night, but the second sister decided to do something unique.

The sisters did not disclose their names, but their story quickly flew into the net.

Anyway, this story is another proof that a real older sister should always extend a helping hand to her younger sister. This truly amazing idea may well be to many people.

The girls decided to share one of their projects on social networks. Here is what they wrote:“My sister expressed her interest in designer shoes, and I thought that you shouldn't lay out that kind of money, even though for beautiful shoes.”

It is worth noting that designer shoes cost some 6000 dollars!

First, the older sister bought relatively cheap shoes with heels.

All this cost her $ 25.

She then took a few basic supplies.

She bought blue rhinestones of various sizes, glue, red and blue acrylic paint and glossy polyurethane varnish.

Here she had to pay 15 dollars. Total - 40 dollars!

Filling her shoes with a newspaper, the girl started to work.

First, a blue paint was applied.

In this case, the first layer did not matter much, because all this was soon to be covered with another layer.

After the blue layer of paint has dried, the girl has covered the top of the shoe with basic paint.

She turned the shoes over and colored her outsole in a bright and lively red color. Then, on top of the red paint applied a glossy polyurethane varnish.

She waited for the paint to dry and removed the tape.

Along the edges of the shoes the corresponding rhinestones were stuck.

Gradually, spreading small drops of glue on the surface, she covered all the shoes with rhinestones.

The shoes were ready and waiting for the prom floor.

It is safe to say that the "fake" is not much different from the original.

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