Simple ideas for sewing, or how easy it is to decorate yourself in summer

Author: Марина

These models have been collected by me for several years on the Internet, perhaps some of you are already familiar, and I still hope that you will find something new for them ... In some models there is no pattern - but even from the photo you can understand how to translate this or that idea into fabric. I like perfectly sewn models of clothes - with accurately taken measurements and pattern building. But even more I like clothes without any sewing standards ... It's not only easy to sew, but also easy to carry ...

It's time to move from words to deeds. Let's always be beautiful!

This razdeleyku can not only bind, but also sew:

This model of a blouse was popular in the 70s - as a child I also sewed myself such 🙂

In this model, you can even use different fabric patterns:

Ordinary T-shirt and guipure:

Beautiful bow - the main decoration of this summer blouse:

Boho or not it?

In this model, I would use silk

For young people and not very ...

Cute Tops

Youth style

Two rectangles stitched in place, with a slot for the head

Unusual cut for blouse with collar yoke

Square kerchiefs?

t-shirt and lace

Everything is very simple


Open shoulder - expect increased male attention

Does your husband have a pink shirt? Probably no longer ...

Boat cut

Very delicate pink


Universally - for all occasions and weather.

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