A simple dryer for shoes with your own hands

Spring and autumn are the seasons when the shoes especially get wet, due to frequent rains. Undried shoes can harm your health from chilling your feet. Yes, and the shoes themselves will not last long. Whatever happens, I will show you how to make a very simple device that will allow you to avoid these problems.
Simple do-it-yourself shoe dryer
The shoe dryer consists of only three components. It's not that simple, but rather simple. Well, I personally have not seen it easier. Despite its simplicity, it has a number of significant advantages:
  • - Low power consumption.
  • - Small size. No problem you can take with you anywhere.
  • - As a power supply, you can try out batteries or rechargeable batteries. And as a result, you will be able to dry your shoes anywhere, say, on a hike, on summer fishing, etc.
The dryer does not have heating elements and dries your shoes with simple ventilation.The method is quite effective and the drying time is not longer than that of an electric heating dryer, although it all depends on the external air humidity.

What do you need for a shoe dryer?

  • - Power supply 12 B (5 V).
  • - Two coolers (fans) 12 V from the computer.

Assembly of the dryer

We take two fans and connect in parallel with the power supply. Insulate with tape or shrink tubing. And your shoe dryer is ready. We put the fans on top of the shoes, or if we insert into the shoes. And we include the block in the network.
Simple do-it-yourself shoe dryer
Simple do-it-yourself shoe dryer
If the drying speed is not so important for you, then you can take a 5 volt power supply (the charger from the phone). This will increase the drying time of the shoe, but it will reduce the fan noise. Of course, it is not big, but it still may not please someone. I would like to add that at least 10 fans can be connected to one power supply unit and 5 shoes can be dried. Enough for the whole family. And if suddenly you are all wet, and there is only one dryer, it takes only a couple of minutes to make some more dryers,unless of course you have all the elements at hand.
Simple do-it-yourself shoe dryer

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