Sleeping bag - choose an irreplaceable thing for the hike

If you have almost one foot in a hike or journey, be sure to check the entire list of prepared things, because you probably completely forgot about such an important thing as a sleeping bag!

Of course, if you have summer in the yard and the heat is 30 °, then you probably don’t care much about the sleeping bag, but if in the evening the temperature still falls below 18 °, then it’s not out of the question to think about such equipment.

A sleeping bag is a good safety net for a tourist, which will save him from a sleepless and cold night, and also protect him from unforeseen hiking conditions.

In order for a sleeping bag to truly serve you faithfully for many years, it is necessary to approach its choice with all seriousness, paying attention not only to its appearance. So, how to choose a good sleeping bag for small hikes and long tourist travel?

Especially for this, we have prepared a number of signs and characteristics that will help you understand this difficult, but interesting enough case.

Type of cut

  • "A blanket".Perhaps the most common and most versatile are sleeping bags with a “blanket” design. Outwardly, they are similar to an ordinary rectangular blanket, which is fastened with a zipper, and also equipped with a small headrest. Such models are especially convenient for those who turn very much in a dream, and also have rather large volumes of the body. “Blankets” are often inexpensive, however, rather heavy and not as warm as, for example, the “cocoon” model.
  • "Cocoon". It resembles the “Blanket” model, which narrows greatly downwards, in a buttoned-up state, resembling a cocoon. This form of a sleeping bag not bad saves free space in the backpack of a tourist, and also provides a more tight fit of the body, which makes it possible to use it for colder conditions of the hike. The "cocoons" also have a hood that tightens and leaves only the face outside.
  • "Combined". It has a rectangular shape, but at the same time it is equipped with a hood, which is tightened in the same way as in the “cocoon”. Such models can also be used as an ordinary blanket, if you unzip all the zippers all the way down, which can be a real find on a cool evening by the fire.

Filler material

Not less important characteristic of a tourist sleeping bag is the material of the internal filler. From it, in many respects, its weight, volume, durability of use, as well as the comfort of staying in it will depend.

The type of insulation is always indicated on the packaging of a sleeping bag, but if there is no information about this, it is better to refrain from such a purchase. At the moment, the most valuable and warm goose down filler, the quality of which is determined by the unit Fill Power (FP).

The best models boast FP from 800 and up. Despite the relatively high price, they quickly get wet and dry for a long time, so it’s better not to take them to a country with a hot and humid climate.

Cotton-filled bags are the perfect solution for small hikes. Their disadvantage is a considerable weight, however, they absorb moisture poorly and have a relatively low price.

Another option is synthetic fillers that do not clot, are well washed and also have a fairly low price. Perhaps the only drawback of synthetic sleeping bags - they are less warm than natural ones.

Other characteristics

It should be remembered that no sleeping bag will keep you warm enough if you do not use additional thermal underwear, and do not sleep in a tent where there is no moisture and wind. There are, of course, such models that are equipped with not blown membrane membranes, however, the price for them is quite high.

In addition to a sleeping bag, it is very important to use a rug that compensates for heat loss at night, especially if you are traveling in the cool season. Do not forget that even the warmest sleeping bag is not able to protect against the cold, which literally “makes its way” through the earth.

Also, do not forget that it will be correct to choose a sleeping bag not only in shape and material, but also in size, which will vary depending on your weight and volume.

There are very short sleeping bags for children and adolescents, as well as "female" modifications that are warmer than men's, but, of course, heavier and more voluminous than others.

In addition, for many, an important characteristic is the presence of an internal pocket, in which you can always add the most necessary and valuable things. The best thing,if such a pocket is fastened with a reliable zipper or lock.

It is not out of place to pay attention to the material from which the outer surface of the sleeping bag is made. The most common option is polyester on the outside, in the middle - a sintepon, and inside - a cotton cover.

Without cotton, it will be uncomfortable to sleep, especially if a person is allergic to synthetic materials. For the outer coating, you can use not only polyester, but also polyamide - it passes air well, and you will not freeze cold.

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