Pillow-snail for pins and needles

Needles for sewing or pins are not very convenient to store in a box. It is better to sew with your own hands the original pillow in the form of a snail and the necessary needles will always be at hand - beautiful and comfortable.
 pins cushion
To make this accessory you will need the following materials: • A soft cloth flap • • Batting • • Pattern • A thread, a needle, scissors Take a cloth flap from which you will need to sew 12 blanks.
Cut out 2 crescent-shaped patterns from paper, one slightly larger than the other. Circle the crescents on the back of the fabric with a pencil or pen to make 12 blanks: six large and six small ones. Cut.
 crescent-shaped patterns
You can make one of the blanks with a pattern,to revive the future pin cushion.
 blanks with a pattern
Sew six pillows: put the blanks on the back and make a seam around the circle, leaving part of the untreated edges to turn the crescent and batting him. Then sew it completely.
 stuffed with batting
Now you need to connect the crescents with each other. Put one on top of the other and make a neat seam.
 connect crescents
Thus connect 3 large crescents as a circle.
crescents as a circle
Next, sew 2 smaller blanks.
 sew 2 blanks
Leave Xia crescent braid and sew in the middle of the cochlea. Pillow is ready! decorative cushion
Such an accessory looks original and unusual. And most importantly - it is practical.

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