Sometimes old toys can transform a home interior.

The creative process is especially pleasant in that it helps to see in the ordinary something extraordinary, new and very, very beautiful. It would seem, how can you recycle plastic toys that have long been accumulated in a huge pile and with which the child is no longer playing? You will not believe what an amazing thing you can do from them! It will take quite a few materials to repeat such a wonderful decoration of the lamp:

For work you will need:

  • plastic toys;
  • two spray paints - white and gold;
  • lamp;
  • epoxy adhesive;
  • insulating tape.

Getting started:

1. Tape the parts of the luminaire that should be protected from spraying paint.

2. Using glue, attach randomly, creatively and unusually plastic toys to the base of the lamp.

3. After that, in a prepared workplace, spray white paint to even out the color of the toys.

4.Then, as it dries, spray gold paint on the toys.

Remove the electrical tape and collect the lamp.

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