Stand in a dream - for what?

One of the most unpleasant feelings of irritation and nervousness causes the process of queuing. After all, waiting, delay in addressing current issues very few people may like. So we perceive the queue in life. How do interpreted authoritative dream books, turn in dreams, the symbol of what they are?

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Dream Intercept
Queuing in a dream - what does it mean?

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

According to this source of interpretation of night visions, if there was a long line in the plot of the dream, this dream prophesies that you are unlikely to achieve what you want, unless you make the most effort and effort. Standing in a queue in a dream, and at the very end of it, means that you made a serious shortcoming in solving business issues in real life.

If in a dream it is a long queue to see a doctor, this dream is a warning that you should take care of your own health.

Sonic Fedorovskoy

If you see yourself in a long line at the doctor in the plot of your dream, it means that you need a vacation because your body is weak and your health condition has deteriorated.You need to rest, otherwise your condition may result in a serious illness.

Standing in a queue in a dream, being at the very end of it, means that in reality you will reproach yourself for a rash act, as a result of which you can be overtaken by loss and loneliness. Seeing such a dream warning, try to gain courage and with dignity endure the machinations of fate.

If you are in a night vision, on the contrary, you see yourself at the very beginning of the line, such a dream warns you that problems await you, which will be to blame for your indiscretion.

The plot, in which you had to stand in a queue in a dream for some necessary goods, and it ended literally in front of you, says that you dream of a beautiful life with great wealth. To achieve this in reality, you can either their hard work, or a successful marriage. The choice of how to achieve the desired for you.

Dream and Dmitri and Hope of Winter

According to this authoritative dream book, the line in night visions should be interpreted as a sign of delay in resolving cases, waiting for the implementation of plans and the realization of desires.

According to this source of dream interpretation, the level of development of events in reality is influenced not only by the length of the line in the night vision, but also by your state in the process of waiting.The more you feel terrible impatience and irritability from waiting, the more difficult your reality will be.

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