Star "Songs" Nazim showed daughter

The singer returned to Shimkent to be near the child.

For glory, you always have to sacrifice something, and often it hurts. The star of the show “Songs” on TNT Nazim repeatedly complained that for the sake of filming the project she had to leave her daughter with her parents. The singer finally managed to return to her native Shimkent to see Amelia and congratulate her on her birthday - the girl was two years old.

“My universe, my meaning of life,” the star wrote under the video in which she and her daughter sang the song “Happy birthday to you”. The little girl received more compliments from Nasima's fans than the owner of the profile herself:

“One affection! Such sweetness "," Your daughter is very sweet, and so sweet, "" Happy birthday hare, and you - with the birth of this gold. "

28 Aug 2018 at 7:48 PDT

Recall that the singer had to move to Moscow to participate in the show “Songs”, and later work on the BlackStar label. But the star didn’t manage to transport the daughter yet - Amelia lives with Nazima’s parents. The singer has repeatedly admitted that it is very difficult for her to work away from Amelia:

“It was hard for me to be away from my daughter on the project.

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