Star parents: 10 most touching photos of the week

The last few days have been generous with events: Beyonce showed her babies for the first time, and Ksenia Sobchak did not hesitate to publish a snapshot where she doesn’t look very well. But with the child.

Beyonce, Rumi and Sir

Photo: @beyonce

On June 14th, the pop diva gave birth to twins. And only a month later, that is, today, broke the silence and showed the kids. Sir and Rumi peacefully rest in the arms of mommy, which looks, by the way, just amazing. Probably, those are right who say that nothing decorates a woman like motherhood. The twins' first anniversary - a month - Beyoncé and her husband were celebrated with a romantic dinner at a sushi restaurant. And this was her first public appearance since the birth.

Basta, Masha and Vasilisa

Photo: @bastaakanoggano

A rare guest on women's sites - yet we are accustomed to the brutal image of the rapper. And he, it turns out, an exemplary and even mi-mishanny family man. For example, on a walk with the kids. Basta, if anyone does not know, has two daughters - Masha is seven years old, and Vasilisa is only four years old. Vasily Vakulenko (real name of Basta) and his family are now resting in France.He himself often uploads pictures of landscapes and selfies with his wife Elena, but his wife shared a photo of the rapper in an unusual role.

Tata Abramson and newborn Beatrice

Photo: @_tatia_tatia_

The star “House-2” first became a mother this week. A girl was born to Tata and her lover Valery Blumenkrants. From the statement they made a real show: animators, balloons, flowers, of course. The young mommy has not yet come to herself: she admitted that she feels not well after giving birth. And the trip home was a lot of work. But now Tata is at home and does not rejoice over her baby - the girl was called Beatrice, and abbreviated as Betty.

Uma Thurman, Maya and Levon

Photo: @ithurman
Photo: @ithurman

It is impossible to believe that the Hollywood beauty has such adult children. No, the youngest is still quite a baby - tomorrow she will be five years old. But older ones, from marriage with actor Ethan Hawke ... Son of Levon is already 15. And the oldest daughter, Maya, has just turned 19 years old. On this occasion, the family gathered in a restaurant in Dublin. Uma in the photo from dinner looks almost the same age as her daughter: without makeup, with a funny disheveled beam instead of the usual styling. All in all, very cute.

Maria Pogrebnyak and sons: Artem, Pavel and Alexey

Photo: @mariapoga_

It is hard to believe that this fragile blonde is the mother of three children. 29-year-old beauty looks amazing. With her husband, football player Pavel Pogrebnyak, she began dating even when she was in school. And so she led to what, true love. However, Maria herself is a fairly well-known personality: she is a designer and model. Well, mom - pictures with children on her page no less than glamorous frames.

Elena Podkaminskaya and Polina

Jul 11 ​​2017 at 4:41 pdt

The actress, known literally to everyone and everyone on the TV series "Kitchen", in May admitted that she was expecting a second child. True, the name of her lover, who will soon become a father, she chose not to call. But with the fans she shared a cute photo in which she poses with her daughter Polina. The girl was born when Elena was married to businessman Alexander Plyatsev. This year Polina is seven years old.

Ksenia Sobchak, Maxim Vitorgan and Plato

Photo: @xenia_sobchak
Photo: @mvitorgan

Secretive mother seems to be becoming more frank with his fans. Here in her account appeared a snorkeling six-month-old Plato floating under water. The faces of the baby there, of course, can not see, but fans are sure: it looks like a mother.A similar picture was published and Maxim Vitorgan. A few days ago, a very emotional record appeared on Xenia’s page, which we allow ourselves to quote: “When I’m happy, I usually don’t have to tell especially about myself. Dramas, revelations, exaggerated passions, the search for adventure - all this immediately becomes alien and ridiculous. "How are you?" - "Yes, it feels good, I spend time with my family." You speak as easily as possible, because it is embarrassing to say how inexplicably it is good to just be near ... ”And the photo is the whole family at sea. And Ksenia did not even bother, that in the picture she looks not quite perfect. But happy.

Alla Pugacheva and Liza

Jul 10 2017 at 8:43 am PDT

The visit of the star family to the zoo was touched by the entire Internet. Maxim Galkin traditionally published a video of how all four of them are going to look at the animals. Harry wants to see "monkeys", Lisa - toucans and elephants. “What a beautiful Alla! What beautiful children! ”- touched in the comments. And no wonder. On the preview, that is, on the first frame, Alla Borisovna smiles mysteriously into the lens, Lisa is pressed against her, holding the ice cream cone tightly in her hands. They got all the attention.

Victoria and David Beckham and Harper

Photo: @victoriabeckham
Photo: @davidbeckham
Photo: @davidbeckham
Photo: @victoriabeckham

The youngest daughter of a stellar couple recently turned 6 years old. They celebrated it not anyhow, but royally. Without understatement: the celebration took place in the royal residence. In Buckingham Palace, to be sure. Both Harper herself and her girlfriends were dressed up as princesses. Well, isn't it any girl’s dream? And on the eve of Vika’s birthday, she shared a touching family photo - after a long, difficult day, everything was finally at home and her mother hugged her beloved daughter.

Ksenia Borodina and Theon

Posted by borodylia (@borodylia)Jul 9 2017 at 3:58 PDT

Baby Teone all year. Not so long ago, subscribers of a TV presenter first saw the face of the youngest daughter of Kurban Omarov and Ksenia Borodina - before mom showed the girl only from the back. But now photos and videos with little Theon are multiplying with amazing speed. One of the last videos with the participation of the girl became a real hit: Thea called from the hotel room to the reception and complained to the staff that her mother slaps. And mom justified that this never happened.

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