Steampunk Lamp

Step 1 - Acquire Materials

The basis for the lamp can be found on sales of antique items. It could be a crate, a birdcage, a storage container or something else that matches the needs of the lamp. It must be at least one foot tall, wide and deep, to accommodate the stand and the lamp and, of course, it must be transparent. It must have some kind of door or hatch for access inside, without taking it apart.

Step 2 - Install and connect the lamp

You can buy a lamp at the bazaar or a hardware store. Some are even included in the kits, including cartridges, lamps and a stand. In accordance with the theme, all parts must have a brass finish.

Inside the case, insert the wire through the lamp base, which is a hollow metal rod threaded at both ends. The length of the pipe determines the height of the lamp.

Step 3 - Painting

Select the colors to betray the steampunk style.Brass naturally resists corrosion, so it was in intensive use. My lamp is completely metal, so everything was painted with spray paint.

Step 4 - Lamps

You can use Edison's vintage lamp in your home. They have thick threads and are bent into interesting shapes in picturesque glass flasks. They are more expensive than ordinary lamps, but they are not only for light, they are a design element.

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